Traditional vs. the Tiny Owl way

TinyOwl app is an initiative by TinyOwl Technology Private Limited with head office at Mumbai. Currently, the app gives service only to a few restricted Indian cities but regarding its fast growth and popularity, the developers are eyeing to expand the app service area. The app gives 24*7 days service hence you can place food orders any time of the day you want.

The main problem with the traditional way of food ordering is that it requires a lot of energy and it consumes much time as you have to manually place and confirm orders by calling a restaurant representative. And in that case, you also have to spend a lot of time to briefly explain your exact location. All these issues are answered and solved by this TinyOwl food ordering app. With the help of this app, you will be able to place food orders within a matter of just 30 seconds with only a few taps on your Smartphone screen.

Moreover, the traditional way does not allow you to check and compare the price of a similar dish between restaurants but with this app, you can check out and compare menu list of different restaurants for ultimately selecting the best available deal.

You also have the permission to place online food orders from multiple restaurants at a time but in that case, you have to make the payment one by one. In the traditional way of food ordering you have to make payment only by cash on delivery but with this app, you have flexible payment options such as NEFT or credit/debit card or cash on delivery.

In most cases when you order a food in the traditional way, you have to pay delivery charges depending on your delivery location and restaurant distance but this app does not charge you anything more than what you see in the price chart of the restaurant. There are no hidden charges. You will receive your food at your doorsteps totally free!

In the ordinary way of food ordering you don’t have any option than to not placing the order if the food of your choice is unavailable but in the Tiny Owl app, you can freely check another restaurant in search of the food of your choice if it is not available in the previous restaurant you searched.

In some cases, the app offers exclusive discount coupons or combo offers which is surely a plus point over the normal way of food ordering. This app simply aims at enhancing your dining experience by making the food ordering system efficient and seamless. Already this app is the most used food ordering app in Mumbai. Overall, the app has marked 500000 installations till date and the next is your turn.

Currently, Tiny Owl app service is available only in 5 Indian cities but very soon it will expand. If you are not that lucky yet that you are living in the 5 cities: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Mumbai or Pune then you have to hold some patience and wait for your city’s turn for the app to cover.

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