Narayan Murthy :


“Our assets walk out of the door each evening. We have to make sure that they come back the next morning.”

–narayan Murthy

some stats:

name Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy
birth date aug 20 1946(age 65)
birthplace mysore,Karnataka,India.
occupation chairman emeritus, Infosys
education engineer from IIT Kanpur
spouse sudha Murthy

Narayan Murthy Biography:

N R Narayan Murthy is an Indian industrialist and a software manager and a chairam of infosys,one of the prominent software company.He and his 6 college co-founded infosys in 1981 at a grass root level. Mr N R Murthy served as CEO from 1981 to 2002. From 2002 to 2011, he served as Chairman. In 2011, he became Chairman Emeritus. N R Murthy was born in mysore,karnataka on 20 Aug 1965 and issued a degree of electrical engeenering from Mysore university and later took the masters degree in software engineering from it Kanpur.

Narayan Murthy Infosys:

NR Murthy worked as a chief system programmer at IIM Ahmedabad.In 1976 he started a company named softroncs in which he later failed and joined Patni computers in Pune.After settling down in Pune NR Murthy founded Infosys in 1981 with the help of Sudha Murthy with an initial investment of rs.10000 which was invested by Sudha Murthy.N Murthy was CEO of Infosys for 21 long years which was followed by Nandan Nilekani in 2002.In 2011 Murthy completely retired from Infosys becoming the chairman of emeritus.

Mr Murthy serves as an independent director on the corporate boards of HSBC, DBS Bank, Unilever, ICICI and NDTV. He also serves on the boards of the Ford Foundation, the UN Foundation, the Indo-British Partnership, a trustee of the Infosys Prize, and as a trustee of the Rhodes Trust that manages the Rhodes Scholarship. He is also the Chairman of the Governing board of Public Health Foundation of India He also serves on the Asia Pacific Advisory Board of British Telecommunications. In 2005 he co-chaired the World Economic Forum in Davos.

NR Murthy awards and honours:

year name of award awarding organisation
2011 forbes lifetime achievement award forbes
2011 NDTV Indian of the Year’s Icon of India NDTV
2010 IEEE Honorary Membership institute of electrical and electronics engineer
2010 man of the year GQ magazine
2010 foreign associate member united states national academy of engineering 2009
Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
2008 Padma Vibhushan president of India
2008 Officer of the Legion of Honor government of France
2007 Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) government of UK
2007 IEEE Ernst Weber Engineering Leadership Recognition Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
2002 Asia’s Businessman of the Year fortune magazine
2001 Max Schmidheiny Freedom Prize switzerland
2000 Padma Shri president of India

Narayan Murthy Personal life:

Indian social author and well-known author nee Kulkarni(now Sudha Murthy)is the wife of Narayana Murthy.Sudha Murthy is specifically known for her philanthropic work through Infosys foundation.Gururaj Deshpande, a serial entrepreneur is a brother in law of n Murthy.Akshata and Rohan are two children of Murthy couple.

In August 2009, Akshata married Stanford Business School classmate Rishi Sunak in a high-profile wedding ceremony held at the Leela Palace Bangalore. Akshata is a fashion entrepreneur and was formerly with Siderian Ventures, a clean technology venture capital firm located in San Francisco. Mr Sunak, an Oxford graduate and Fulbright scholar, is a partner at the UK-based charitable hedge fund TCI. Rohan Murthy is a Cornell graduate and received a Microsoft Fellowship to pursue advanced doctoral work in computer science at Harvard. In June 2011, Rohan married Lakshmi Venu Srinivasan, heiress to the TVS Group dynasty via her father TVS Motors Chairman Venu Srinivasan.


NR Narayana Murthy on Friday stepped down as Chairman of Infosys, bringing the curtains down on his 30-years of illustrious innings at the helm, even as he sought to inspire the new leadership team and the employees to take the company to greater heights.

Narayana Murthy foresees huge IT boom

One of the India IT giants Infosys’ chairman Narayana Murthy expected for a 25-26 percent growth in the IT sector.

Murthy, who attended a ceremony in Kolkata on Jan 23, “Under the current circumstances, it is performing well. Overall, things are fine.


10 Foods good for beautiful and healthy Skin

Do we spend so much of our money and time on worrying about our skin?

Getting cautious about your skin is a good thing because it adds to your personality and appearance…think over much we spend on cosmetics?and discover no good results?

but to your plus point..eating right food can give your skin all the glow and fairness and all the results you want…

so..lets have a look at the daily diet foods that can make your skin GLOW and be BEAUTIFULLY SMOOTH..!!


           Surprised?? yes but its true…drinking plenty of water throughout the day can make your skin more beautiful.

            The scientific reason behind it is, it increases the natural hydration of the body. Toxin from the body are given out and the skin becomes hydrated and fresh.

            Ideally, we must drink about 9-10 glasses of water in a day, so that our body remains well hydrated and skin becomes clean toxin-free…

2)Low-fat dairy products, yoghurt:

             Low-fat dairy products have a pretty amount of vitamin A in it. Carotene in natural form i.e. vitamin A is not only good for your skin but also your health on a whole.

Yoghurt especially, have essential bacteria in it, which are good for our body.These improve the digestion system. And a good digestion makes the more toxins given out from a body and adding to the skin.Skin becomes more clear and pimple breakouts reduce.

3)Strawberries, Blackberries, Tomatoes:

             hmm…now something which you will love to eat is here on our list..yes..eating your favourite strawberries, blackberries ..can make your skin

more healthy and beautiful. It has the antioxidants in it. antioxidants stop the premature ageing of the skin…

so if you want to keep your skin wrinkle free for years…

tomatoes reduce many of the skin problems…add these berries and tomatoes to your regular diet..and

discover the amazing results in your skin…

4)Walnuts, Fish oil, Seafoods, Olives:

                         walnuts, fish oils, seafood have the essential fatty acids which are good for the body. Yeas..I might have heard all fats are bad for

health… But there are some fats called omega fatty acids which are good for your health.

                      olives are said to have the good amount of vitamin A and omega fatty acids in it. Olives are good for health and also your skin.

It makes the skin well nourished.

5)Cereals, Whole Grain Foods:      

               We easily just crave on the readily available junk foods like bread and all..these foods are processed foods. these foods are also called as White

foods..white food is not good for the health, digestion and skin. such white foods often are the reason for the skin breakouts.

so..we must avoid white food as much as possible and substitute it with the whole grain foods. these food have selenium content in it.selenium is good for

the health and skin. 

6)Cottage Cheese:

 now the thing which you like is on our list..cheese..!!

especially, the cottage cheese has the selenium content in it. selenium is known for protecting from the danger of the skin cancer. cheese and enjoy and stay free from skin cancer.

7)Green Tea:

                  Green tea is a very healthy beverage to drink and that you can enjoy too…

It has anti-inflammatory properties. The people who drink green tea regularly are less prone to get the skin cancer easily.

it also reduces the damage from the UV light.

8)Oranges, Grapefruits, Mangoes:

                         oranges and grapefruits are full of Vitamin C in it. vitamin C revitalizes the cells of the skin, giving it the glow and reduces the wrinkles on the skin.

   mangoes are rich in Vitamin helps in repairing the skin cells.

its free radicals prevent the skin from the damage.


              almonds are full of Vitamin E. almonds are famous for the great skin complexion. Vitamin E makes the skin supple and nourishes the skin..makes it smoother.


    broccoli has not only one but many many health is rich in Vitamin A. cells gets renewed with it. its overall good for the health and the skin …

so make sure to add these foods to your diet to get that glowing healthy skin..!!

how to get rid of pimples or acne? -easy tips for you

Mostly youngsters ..especially teenagers are distressed with the problem of pimples on skin or acne…

are you going through the same?   so here’s an article for you..which will tell you how to get rid of pimples and avoid the pimple breakouts!

 In order to avoid the pimples, we must first know the main basic reasons behind the pimple here are the basic reasons…

Reasons for pimples/ acne:

1) Hormonal changes:

  The hormonal changes which take place during puberty(when a person grows from childhood to adolescence) in the teenagers are the main reason behind pimples. It is the natural process in teenagers nothing to worry about. Excess Oil is secreted from the skin in this period

2)Not proper caring of skin:

      not caring for the skin also can make the pimples to breakout. A layer of oil and dirt gets accumulated over the skin. If there is an attack of germs then pimples can form.

acne is nothing but the more or less severe form of just pimples. The main reason is the oiliness in the skin which is excessive and bacterial infection occurs easily in such situation. So..oily skin is a base for a pimple growing bacteria. Now to avoid it ..we must first try to keep skin oil free.

Now, we know the reasons for it…

Tips for getting rid of pimples :

1) WASH YOUR FACE  with water and some good soap free face-wash for three times in a daytime. After washing your face ..make sure you apply astringent to it or Benzoyl peroxide lotion so that your skin will stay oil-free for a long time. Oil is mainly present on chin, nose and forehead area of the face. So No doubt its the usual site for the pimples.

  While washing the face..wash with a circular motion of the hand around your chin, forehead and area near the nose.

2)KEEP  A  CHECK  ON  WHAT  YOU EAT! Avoid eating junk foods, too spicy food, oily food, or white foods like bread etc, because this food causes the problems in the digestion system and in turn cause these skin problems.

Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day. That will keep your skin well hydrated and can contribute to avoiding these problems.

3)DON’T TOUCH the will be often tempted to touch the pimples but don’t do so. And DON’T SQUEEZE them that can only aggravate the pimples and spread more pimples on your skin nearby to it.It can cause dark spots marks.

4)EAT HEALTHY FOODS which are full of vitamins and fibres. Eat more veggies like broccoli, cabbage, spinach, and veggies rich in vitamin C.

5)Don’t OIL YOUR HAIR TOO MUCH ..too often.Wash your hair regularly, if you have dandruff in hair. hair laden with oil come in contact with your skin ..say while sleeping can cause the new pimple breakouts especially on your forehead.

 so wash your hair daily with some good shampoo, don’t oil your hair too much and tie your hair while sleeping if possible.

6)STAY AWAY FROM STRESS as much as possible. Because it can only aggravate the acne problem. Avoid late night parties with improper sleep. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Avoid stress and tension from the exams or work. Just try to stay happy…That helps in keeping your skin glowing without any ailments.

7)REMOVE MAKE-UP while sleeping at the night. we come back from parties very late at night and most all of us directly go to the bed and forget to clean the makeup on the face. That can cause pimples. so Don’t Forget to clean your face with some cleansing lotion even you are back from tiring late-night party.

8) Keep a healthy lifestyle. Avoid to  Eat the foods which can lead to constipation problem .stay healthy.

9)Apply the face pack of Multani mitti every week. Try to use more natural products for your skin.

Last but not the least..keep yourself happy and fit ..your pimples and all the skin problems will automatically go !!

hope this article was useful for you!

Anna Hazare biography

Anna Hazare biography:

Overview of Anna Hazare:


Name Kisan Baburao Hazare
Birthdate 15th June 1937 (age 75)
Birthplace Bhingar dist. Ahmednagar
Education Class Vll
Profession Social activist
Awards Padmabhushan, Padmashri, care India award
Notable work Anti-corruption moment, RTI act
Parents Baburao Hazare, Laxmibai Hazare


The Early life of Anna Hazare:


Anna Hazare was a common man as millions of other Indians.

He was enjoying a life-like everyone until 1962.India needed more people to join the army during Indo-China war. Anna then joined the army to serve the country.He was in 19th Maratha battalion as a truck driver. During Indo-Pak war, other soldiers in Anna’s team died in bombarding. Fortunately, Anna survived in that attack.

Anna considered it as a new birth and decided to serve his life to the country from that moment.

Anna continued the army and retired after 12 years in 1975 and returned back to his native place Ralegan Siddhi.

Ralegan Siddhi before Anna:

Ralegan Siddhi was a drought-prone village in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. It received only 15mm rainfall per year. People were unemployed, land was barren and no water. Most of the people were struggling to meet their basic needs.

Development of Ralegan Siddhi by Anna Hazare:

Anna analysed the situation of the village.Water shedding was important. Anna took the water shedding project In hand.

He united the people of the village and explained the importance of planting trees to stop soil erosion.

He took public meetings as gram sabha and asked opinions of the people.

Within no time Ralegan Siddhi was self-sufficient in food, water and also exported vegetables to Kuwait, muskat, Dubai etc.

He prohibited alcohol in Ralegan Siddhi. He introduced the watershed program, education awareness, untouchability, collective marriages, milk production etc.

Today Ralegan Siddhi provides water to nearby villages and is a model village.

Ralegan Siddhi before and after:

How Anna turned social activist to Anti-corruption leader:

Anna found that corruption is the roadblock in the way of development. In order to do development, corruption must be stopped. In 1991, he started Bharashtar virodhi jan andolan (BVJA). He found that many forest officers duped the government for crores of rupees. Later on, six ministers were resigned and more than 400 officers were suspended.He, later on, realised that change of entire system is necessary in order to uproot corruption.

Right to Information act:

Anna Hazare was a pioneer behind RTI known as a right to information act.

In 2003 Anna Hazare did an indefinite fast on Azad Maidan in Mumbai.President of India finally signed the RTI draft after a 12-day hunger strike by Anna.After that Anna travelled across the country to create awareness about the act.

2G scam, CWG scam and many others were the results of RTI act.

Its one of the major success of Anna Hazare.

Awards received by Anna Hazare:


Award Given by year
Indira Priyadarshini vrikshmitra award Prime minister of India  1986
Krishi Bhushana Government of Maharashtra 1989
Padmashri award Government of India 1990
Padmabhushan award Government of India 1992
Jit Gill memorial award World bank 2008
Care International of the USA Transparency International 1998


Jan Lokpal bill team Anna:

RTI was responsible for uprooting the scams in India. But it fails to punish the victims in less time.  Jan Lokpal bill promises to punish the victim in max. 3 years and has many more good features that will help us to stop corruption.

Jan Lokpal bill

To pass this bill Anna needed a national platform so he decided to protest in the capital city DELHI.

Where he is accompanied by Arvind Kejriwal, Bhushan Sisodia, Kiran Bedi, Santosh Hegde, Shanti Bhushan etc. Anna was supported by millions of Indians. Protests were done all over India.

Finally, the government agreed to discuss the bill in parliament resulting to end the indefinite fast.

It made Anna Hazare a national leader of an anti-corruption movement.


FRESH MIND – How to fresh your mind

How to keep your mind cool?


Are you stressed out in your personal or professional life ..?

Do you feel like everything is complicated in life..? Nothing is working out according to your wish..?

Feeling like your Brain is Jammed or Clogged..?

Here you go..Now..Just Don’t think about anything ..Calmly Read this article and Follow the Ways which Suits you the best according to your situation…

And you will be in FREE STATE OF MIND ..I assure you that !!

Let us see what suits you more…

1)    Take a Break:

If you are in that same-monotonous hustle bustle since a long time ..then It is a right for you to take a break.

Yes,…I am NOT suggesting something which is out of the World for you.It is a common thing…!    But ..let me tell you..sometimes you need somebody to tell you that ..YES, You NEED a break NOW!

taking a break,

relieves from all those stressful things from your life and a Boring routine ..Take that break from your office or daily chores ..and Go out for a vacation off somewhere..else go for a shopping (if you are shopaholic  ).Vacation for a day or two with your loved one or a friend will give you a Rejuvenating Effect.

2)Yoga :

Are you having any daily yoga Routine?

If No, then Don’t wait for anything..Open your Internet for some POWER YOGA for you and set a yoga routine for yourself (early morning preferable ).

And most Importantly.FOLLOW THAT ROUTINE (Without Fail)!!.

It will give you a sense of Well Being and will circulate a positive vibe in your body and thus Your mind too !!

3)Get Another Job :

Do you have an irritating BOSS in your life..and keeps chasing you all the time..?

Is your workplace a hell for you..?  Does your BOSS kills yours Creativity..?

Then it’s my humble advice for you that you must think about changing your job.

get some better job ..where you have a place for creativity..and kick off that BOSS of yours !!

This is the best escape the mental stress and stunted growth at your work….


4)Benefits of Green tea :

Green tea has many benefits to your body. It has surprisingly Good effects on your Mind too.

Start taking a cup of green tea every morning instead of your regular coffee/ tea.

Trust me. It will help you reduce weight and also make you feel good and keep mind fresh too..!  (note: boil a cup of water and dip the green tea into it.(without sugar and milk))

5)Breakup :


But it can be True..!  A breakup can be a solution to your worries too. If one of the reasons behind your worries and mental distress is your partner.. if you feel like your inner self is getting somewhere lost ?..then think about this option once…

I don’t suggest to go and break up because so many emotions are involved ..but if your partner is getting on your nerves and you feel like suffering then..think about this one!!

6)Exercise :

Whenever you feel like having a CLOGGED MIND..then…most Simple and Inexpensive way is to …

Go for a Jogging  Trust me’s not will feel Good!

Because exercise gives you endorphins (a chemical secreted ) in the body and it makes you feel happy about yourself and a sense of goodness from within..!!

I suggest you have a routine exercise schedule for at least 20 minutes a day..go for a walk at least..for long-term benefits

7)Makeover :

Yes.. A makeover can also make you feel good about sounds so simple…BUT IT WORKS !!

Get a good haircut ..Simple !! It helps…It will make you feel good (especially for girls).Try this one out if you wish so.



“I Hope you would have Got your Perfect Option out of these…which suits You the Best to get out of that Clogged mind situation..(try at least one of these..whichever suits you best ) 

   Try out and Tell Us !!

   Your Suggestions are always Welcome and are to us !”

Tips to start your own business:

Are you thinking to start your own business?THAT’S EXELLENT!go ahead and feel good about yourself.You are going to do something which everyone doesn’t do.



2.Self discipline


4.Self confidence



7.Good sense of judgement

8.Control on self-emotions

9.Skillful planning

10.Definite decisions

11.Mentally strong even in weak situations

12.Good speaker and good listener

13.Good leader.

I assure you that the following article will be worth your time reading it.We present you the most basic and valuable things you need to do when starting your own business.

Let’s list the things we need to do:

1.What type of business?

2.Financial requirement(be very very clear about it)

3.Legal issues involved in it.

4.Tax issues are involved

5.Which type of incorporation is best suited?

6.What would be the pitfalls?

7.How am i going to manage funds?

8.How do I market my business with least spending?

9.What are basic accounting concepts?

10.set a particular target


What type of business?

What type of business are you going to do?

1.1 person

2.Partnership with others.

The second case we will discuss later.

If you are starting one person or self-employment kind of business, then its always better to start it from your home also called as a proprietorship firm.The benefits of proprietorship firm are that all you do is at home, so you will not have any burden of municipal taxes and you can manage your daily expenses.Many of my friends do it:).It is most suitable for photographers, painters, artists.Once your business starts taking a peak move to some commercial place and by the time you will have some fund in your pocket.

Financial requirement of your business:

You have got a great idea and also you have a plan but unless you have needed hard cash you cant put your idea into reality.

Estimate the amount you need for starting your business.Find the sources that are going to provide you with the funds.Once you are out with all these answers you are ready to put a step forward.

Legal issues involved:

Your business name:

Before giving a name to your business check if someone is already using that name.You can do this by searching name in an appropriate state agency , generally its office of the secretary of the state.If your chosen name is not used by someone else reserve it for a particular period of time at secretary’s office.

Business structure:

Decide the business structure which best suits your business.It can be….

-sole proprietorship


-limited partnership



-a limited liability company

Considering your business choose the best-suited type for your business.

Business licence:

Considering your business type you need to register many licence and permits.At least you need the tax registration licence for your business.


Some areas are not business friendly or in other words, you are not permitted to start your business in such areas.If your business is small you can work at home and sell it in shops which are in business-friendly zones.You cant run a business in residential zones ar you have to try to re_zone the areas under business-friendly zone.

Non-disclosure agreements:

If you are making financial agreements with your contractors or suppliers they may ask you the information you want to keep private.Sign an agreement by them of non-disclosure of information and keeping it strictly private.

Tax issues involved:

Know all the tax issues involved in your business.Make sure you do everything legal.

To view complete tax-related issues in India, see the below link



Which type of incorporation is best suited:

Owners have limited liability for business debts and obligations


· · ·
Created by a state-level registration that usually protects the company name


· · ·
Business duration can be perpetual


· · ·
May have an unlimited number of owners


· · ·
Owners need not be INDIAN citizens or residents


· · · ·
Maybe owned by another business, rather than individuals


· ·
May issue shares of stock to attract investors


· ·
Owners can report business profit and loss on their personal tax returns


· · · ·
Owners can split profit and loss with the business for a lower overall tax rate


Permitted to distribute special allocations, under certain guidelines


· ·
Not required to hold annual meetings or record meeting minutes · · ·


Be prepared for pitfalls:

Always keep the foresight, its the most important quality an entrepreneur should have to become successful.Before starting the business thing over the problems that can arise before you and find the appropriate solutions to that problems so you don’t panic in future.

How are you going to manage funds:

You should have enough funds you need to raise your business or you should know the trusted sources which can help you.Try to curtail as much as you can while spending.You may also find some investor in your business.

Tips to fight Depression:

We all have been sad and depressed in our lives.Depression is the byproduct of our sedentary lifestyle.

There are two types of people with this problem-

1.People who are severely damaged by this chemical imbalance and needs medication and treatment.

2.People who are sad due to some problems and want to bounce back in their life

This article is not supposed to people of the first type but is focussed for people who want to bounce back in their lives.

We are going to learn 7 natural ways to overcome depression without taking happy pills.

1.Set goals

2.Get outside

3.Do exercise

4.Do friendship with people

5.Sleep a lot

6.Overcome negative thoughts

7.Eat healthy


Always something special happens when paper meets main and we write down our goals.

We start thinking positively about achieving those goals.Our brain chemistry changes and lit our thinking to achieve those goals.

From the moment you write your goals or list them, forget everything and go mad for their achievement.

Take things one day at a time and compliment yourself.The steps may look small but one day you will reach a long way.


Don’t sit in your room all day long.Go outside and interact with people.Cultivate strong relationships with people as it gives you the moral support to walks in your life.

Be with people, share things with them and your sadness will disappear unknowingly.

Interact, people, face to face, never do it online.


If you are physically fit and have lots of stamina in you, do a one-hour cardio session.

After one hour when your t-shirt will be wet and your body pumped up, heart beating fast relax for some time and go for a shower.After this “try to be sad”

I bet you cant be sad!you can be just happy


It’s really easy to make friends.Everyone on earth wants to be heard, appreciated and loved.

Start making friends by hearing, appreciating and loving people you like and one day you will get everything back in return for getting all your sorrows.


Some people say, sleeping leads to depression but I don’t believe it.The right amount of sleep is healthy for our mind and body.

Get enough rest and stay fresh always.


Depression changes the way we look towards anything, toward yourself in a negative way.We are in a trap of negative thinking.

In this situations highlight this words in your mind “THINK POSITIVE, BE HAPPY”

Ways to overcome negative thinking:

1.Think outside yourself

2.Allow yourself to be less than perfect

3.Socialise with positive people

4.Keep negative thought log.


What you eat has a direct effect on how you feel.Always eat a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and some amount of fat.

tips on eating:

1.Don’t skip meals.

2.Minimize sugar and refined carbs

3.Focus on complex carbs.

4.Eat a lot of b vitamins.

5.Take chromium supplement



Top 10 adventure Sports:

We are presenting you an article on top 10 adventure sports which you must try at least once in a lifetime and have memorable fun.Here is a list of 10 adventure sports that you cant afford to miss.


Surfing is one of the most exciting sports you will ever try.Its the most difficult sport to master but will provide you with loads of excitement and enjoyment.Initially it will give a shock to muscles but as you go on you will enjoy the ocean.Surfing will build you a hardcore arms, chest and back as you paddle the waves in the ocean.It will take a lifetime to master and every time it will give you a new joy of happiness.

2.Rock climbing:

Rock climbing is another exciting sport you cherish.It improves your calf muscles and forearms to great extent.It gives you the memorable experience you will always cherish.Really, you should try it at least once in a lifetime.


Skydiving gives shivers in your stomach.In skydiving you go up in the sky by helicopter or aircraft and jump from that height.For some time you are in free fall mode which is most exciting and later lands on earth with help of parachute.You must definitely try it.

4.Bunjee jumping


Bunjee jumping is like no other sports.It ends in a matter of seconds but it adrenaline effect and memories last for a lifetime.It’s not for faint hearted people, it should be done by those who want the epitome of adventure.


It is a perfect spot for nature lovers.Although many sports need only physical efforts.Orienteering demands both physical and mental efforts as you have to identify key points on terrain and navigate around it.Give it a try!


Kayaking is a sport that you can tailor to exactly the way you want. If you’re looking for a workout and some tranquillity, rent a kayak at the nearest beach and paddle down the river, away from the crowd.
It gives an exhaustive workout for your upper body.

7.Dirt biking:

If you have enough of mountain biking and want to go further to extend your physical stress you can opt for opting biking.Though it doesn’t takes much from your legs it needs a lot of strength in upper body to steer.Don’t do it directly, do some beginners course initially.

8.Scuba diving:

If you love water and swimming and want to go step further then scuba diving may be the answer for you.Scuba diving is swimming in deep oceans.You may discover numerous creatures and oceans beauty.It is a peaceful activity something like meditation.Have a try at least once!

9.Hang gliding:

Hang gliding is like seeing the world with bird’s eye.Imagine, how exciting it could be!.Hang gliding is one of most extreme adventure sports and once you do it you get addicted to it.Definitely have a try!

10.mountain biking:

Street cycling is good but if you want to take it to next level on mountains, hilly trails then you must raise your adrenaline level. It’s loads of fun to explore new terrain, especially when surprises may lie around each corner. The elevation changes will keep you in top shape, and you’ll burn calories and add muscle without constantly inhaling diesel fumes from the nearest city bus.


I hope you liked this article.To tell me your response email me.


Getting backlinks to your website:

If you have a new website and want to drive more traffic to your website you should know have backlinks to your site.What are backlinks?

Backlinks are the links to your site from another website, in short when other sites post your article on their site it is a backlink.Basically, backlinks are of two types:

1)One way link

2)two-way link

one way links:

If your site is linked to some other site and you don’t link back to that site it is known as one-way links.One way links benefit you to rank better in Google search rank.One way links are the report of your site performance as it gives the credit to your content.If some site with adult content or not so good with content links to your Google may find your site spammy or fake, so be aware who links to your site.

Two-way links:

Linking back to the sites who link you is known as two-way links.Many sites offer to exchange links, before exchanging link always check the site content, it is helpful for your users?does that contain offensive content and if answers to this questions are positive you can look ahead towards exchanging.

Whom does backlinks matter:

Frankly speaking, no one cares how much backlinks do you have except search engines.If you want someone to read your article you must have a lot of links pointing towards that article.Search engines the quality, relevance of these backlinks.It looks easy to get backlinks but ACTUALLY, It’s NOT.The most important thing to get backlinks is to create quality content wanting to share by other sites.This is the most important step in creating your website-QUALITY CONTENT is the base of a successful website.

How do big sites build backlinks so easily?

The answer is, They have worth content linking to their site.They never ask for links but they just get millions of links.You may be wondering how to get as many links as these sites get, the answer is simple.Create some valuable content which will be helpful for people and they like it and visit your site frequently and automatically you will get backlinks and traffic.

I have a cricket bat and you have a ball:

Let me explain if you are linking or exchanging link to the sites who have content related to your site.


One way backlinks are always more valued than exchange link by search engines.Always aim high and try to link to sites who have ranking equal or better than you.

Always keep in check who is linking to your site, how?

To find out how many inbound links you have, you can use a Backlink Checker. This one, in particular, will tell you the number of Google results, Yahoo results, and Alexa rank.

Other websites for checking links:

Search Engine Genie Backlink Checker

100% FREE Backlink Checker.


Online Backlink Checker

This one will not only tell you how many links you have, but where.


Strategies for Driving Traffic

An excellent article from SEOmoz about ways to get more traffic to your website.


squidoo is the great site that hosts these page and several other pages named lenses (I will add my top ones underneath).

Using google getting high google page ranks and also it serves two purposes:
A. Get super high trust link from PR8 website which is amongst the top 500 in the world.
B. Drive traffic, quality US one usually. Squidoo community is big. If you put down a great piece and bother using Squidu forums in order to let people know about it, it can catch on and become really popular. It can even become your main goal to promote the lens and not your main site!

10 amazing tips to get maximum backlinks: in forums and add a link to your site:

While writing a post in a forum always choose a forum which is relevant to your site and it does not have a no follow tag which tells Google not to consider your link.My experience tells that anyway google doesn’t consider don’t follow tag, so no need to worry about it.Now while giving links give it in a natural text.While giving an anchor text never use a click here text.

2.let people know about your articles:

Let people know about the article, in other words, do good SEO for your website. Find directories on your own subject i.e submit to directories with similar content of your site.Make complete use of social media to bring your site in public and letting people know.create a facebook, twitter, google +1 pages of your website, this will help you a lot.

3.create a blog for your website:

This is one of the most important things to get backlinks to your website.Reasons why blog brings more backlinks than normal website are given below:

  • blogs are tracked instantly by search engines
    It means that any updates you do to your blog are instantly tracked by search engines.It links your new entries instantly.
  • Blogs can be published in very less time
    For blogs you don’t need to design each page separately, all you need to do is to add content and publish it.


  • Blogs get links from other blogs

Bloggers must of the times read and follow blogs.If you run a website and not a blog you may have some hard time to get links from other blogs.

4.claim your website on Alexa:

Alexa already keeps information about your site and along with it, they provide you with the overall ranking of your website.

5.Respond to comments:

Be kind and generous.Responding to comments on your website makes feel good to other bloggers and they might link you to your good content.

6.comment on other blogs:

Always comment on other blogs in a positive way and give your site link with the comment, there is every chance that anyone who liked your site can link back to you.

7.respont to email:

Always be kind to people.Be cool to people.Help people with their answers and mail them the URL of the answer.Also, post the answer as a comment so you can get more content on that topic.

8.Be a guest blogger:

This might get you a lot of backlinks.If a blog owner likes the articles he will definitely link to your site.This may also give you lot of visitors.

9: link to other blogs heavily:

Never hesitate to link other blogs of relevant content if you like the article.Before doing this once check the site ranking etc. it’s always good to link sites better than you.

10.Write unique articles:

This is the heart of getting backlinks.If you have valuable information people will come to you.So always focus on writing quality and unique content.