Opinion : iPhone X- The worst  iPhone ever made by Apple

Apple has positioned the iPhone X as leading the next 10 years of its smartphone development. The tech people, that are the creators of this iPhone, are breaking a new ground for Apple. So it’s inevitable that creators have nailed upon every single aspect straight off the bat.

As we have already seen, the new iPhone X is bringing out the new features that its old model doesn’t have. The iPhone X certainly offers a lot of impressive features. But….you might want to hold off buying Apple’s latest release– iPhone X

Just wait until you read out the below mentioned hidden costs of owning a brand new iPhone X..!

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First things first. Let’s look at the obvious TURN OFF when it comes to buying Apple’s newest device. The major reason most people won’t buy Apple- iPhone X is the price. The big $1,000 is a lot more of money, compared that to an equivalent android phone.

This is by far the most common problem that leads the iPhone users to cell their iPhone X. Unfortunately, all of the problems iPhone X has, is bearable on a phone as impressive as iPhone X, if only it didn’t cost over $1,000. At this price, iPhone X better be damn well ‘perfect’.  Moreover, you are paying a fair new $100 more, for the same kind of smartphone. And it’s only the starting price than $999– if you want more storage, you’ll have to pay more. If you want key accessories, you’ll have to pay more too.

Sadly, iPhone X has disappointed to give a worth functionality at this fancy high price. Engendering the users to sell their iPhone X and switch to a fully functional latest android model that are decently priced.

A lot more of customers will be willing to pay extra to have Apple’s shiny new gadget and many people don’t think of it’s as an upfront fee.


When Apple first announced that its gonna be a glass front and back, and plus the stainless steel frame; it created a lot of excitement among the Apple fans imagining they will soon be hands-on with this premium release. The excitement soon turned into disappointment as the users unboxed their brand new iPhone X.

Surprisingly, the subject of disappointment is not the glass front and back, neither the weight- it’s decently weighted between 8 and 8+, what it is though is the ‘FRAME’. Instead of feeling like the stainless steel or metal, its feel merely like a glossy plastic thing. It’s representative of some cover that is usually coated with a stainless steel or any metal in order to make it last longer. The frame is most important of the overall design, the frame is what you gripping like 99% of the time, so it’s a very present feel, but unfortunately, it feels like some cheap plastic-nothing much than this. Not to mention the glass cover of front and back makes the iPhone X damn slippery is another down point for the users as it increases the chance of dropping the expensive piece.

The best thing about iPhones has always been the premium look they offer. The unique metal illuminate feel that feels so premium in our hand but this iPhone X is a big let-down when it comes to feeling and rich look.

It is contradictory to the standard Apple has maintained until its last release.


One of the greatest aspects of a good handset must be its fragility. But when it comes to iPhone X, it has again let its users down in this aspect. It is an extremely fragile of iPhones!

To prove its durability level, the company called ‘Square Trade’  had put iPhone X to its drop test and it scored a 90 out of 100.

90 sounds pretty good, but number 100 is the most fragile and 1 would be the safest. Hence, comparing this, 90 is a very bad score. A bad situation for iPhone X

The result after the test on basis of 1 DROP=6 FEET is:

  • OLED screen malfunction
  • Home swipe failure
  • Display separation
  • Edge scratches

The final quote of the Square Trade Company on the test result was:

iPhone X is the most breakable, highest-priced, most expensive to repair; iPhone X.” 


This is by far the most widespread problem; apps are just not optimised with the iPhone X screen yet, and it just makes sense because iPhone X came out when Bell Press haven’t had enough time yet.

The lack of optimization can get really annoying when you go from app-to-app and each one has its own little thing that offs right because of the iPhone X screen over time it.

Compounding becomes a kind of big issue.Not all of the apps fit the size of the new edged iPhone X screen. It cuts the top or bottom in lot tons of the apps. For instance, Instagram definitely so close that it touches the latch above.

Another example of lack of optimisation is when we play videos in iPhone X; videos are playing at the center of the phone with black bars on the top and bottom, because of the weird aspect ratio.

Yet another instance denoting poor compounding is; iMessage has a huge gap down that really isn’t used for anything.

And when you use the phone normally, when you open apps and other things you will find some little things that don’t really work with the display and it just turns off the whole experience!

Not to mention, these things get better with time. These are similar things that happened with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, it just takes the bell press, an over a little bit of time to adapt to the new hardware. BUT, there are phones out there that we can buy with considerably less money that has fully fledge functional apps and ecosystem that doesn’t have to go through these loops to deal with eventually functional iPhone X.

You bought such an expensive phone to have the full screen and it’s just cutting out the size of apps. So, what’s the point of the full screen, when we aren’t able to enjoy the apps to its fullest?


When zooming onto the specific features that iPhone X offers, we are going to find some features are a bit lacking.

Like, the storage space or capacity every entry-level model offers. The over $1,000 iPhone X offers just 64GB of storage. You will have to pay $1,149 for the 256GB version, that to considering before any TAX.

Comparing the iPhone X with an Apple laptop, that costs pretty much the same, the MacBook AIR. For exactly the same price tag of $999, you will get double the storage capacity of a MacBook AIR. And it’s merely equivalent to 128GB on the laptop, versus 64GB on the POCKET device.

It’s insane. Right?

In today’s generation of apps, videos, photos, social media accounts brewing; most of us need a way far more than 64GB of storage on our so-called smartphones.

This isn’t enough; wait…..there’s another issue here, Apple have definitely gone too far the other way with 256GB model. Most users have no need for such a hefty amount of storage block. And above this, the hefty storage comes at a whopping cost of $150 more for the storage privilege. It would have made much more sense for Apple to offer a 128GB iPhone X. Isn’t it?

Obviously, as users, our answer is a resounding YES!

The fact is, a ton of iPhone X’s so-called most impressive features aren’t actually so impressive when it comes to comparing with the latest Android handsets. Most of the android phones are ahead in the game, whereas Apple is lagging them. And the android phones have already been using these kinds of new technology for insanely a couple of years, if not longer, and yet they are super cheaper than iPhone X.

Author – Sarita Bantallu

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