Cinco De Mayo History Facts or 5 De Mayo History for Kids

We think all of you must be wanted to know more about Cinco De Mayo History. So here we have come up with all the information about the Pubela war. Let us know your feedback about Cinco De Mayo History.

Cinco De Mayo History Facts or 5 De Mayo History for Kids

Cinco de Mayo is a public holiday in Mexico and some southern part of United States. Cisco De Mayo is a Spanish word which meaning in English is “fifth of May”. It is celebrated on May 5 of every year. The day remember’s Mexican victory over French forces at the battle of Puebla. It is a public holiday in Mexico, but not in the United States. Cinco de Mayo traditions include parades, music performances and street festivals in cities across Mexico and southern part of United States.

Cinco De Mayo Battle of Puebla

In History, The Spain became an independent country on 16th September 1810 from the Spanish yoke. But after independence, in 1858 a civil war broke out in Mexico and lasted till 1860. The civil war left complete empty of a national treasure. After that Mexican president, Benito Juarez declared that the foreign debt or loan will be suspended for two-year due to lack of national income source.

In response, Britain, France and Spain send the forces to Mexico to return Their début. After some treaty, Spain and Britain withdraw from Spain. But France was not in the mood to retreat. It Was big chance for France to take control over Mexico country. Napoleon 3 of France launches the complete invasion of Mexico and occupied whole Mexico. The occupation lasted for only 2 years.

After that Mexicans people revolt out. they attacked the well prepared french force number of 8000 by 4000 Mexicans at the

battle of Puebla. The Mexican wins the battle with the loss of fewer than 80 men and other side french loss 500 men.This event is very important for both sides. French loss their faith to conquer whole Mexico and Mexicans continued Gurella fight and finally, they forced enemies to withdraw from Mexico.

De Mayo History

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