Opinion : iPhone X- The worst  iPhone ever made by Apple

iphone X

Apple has positioned the iPhone X as leading the next 10 years of its smartphone development. The tech people, that are the creators of this iPhone, are breaking a new ground for Apple. So it’s inevitable that creators have nailed upon every single aspect straight off the bat.

As we have already seen, the new iPhone X is bringing out the new features that its old model doesn’t have. The iPhone X certainly offers a lot of impressive features. But….you might want to hold off buying Apple’s latest release– iPhone X

Just wait until you read out the below mentioned hidden costs of owning a brand new iPhone X..!

iphone X


First things first. Let’s look at the obvious TURN OFF when it comes to buying Apple’s newest device. The major reason most people won’t buy Apple- iPhone X is the price. The big $1,000 is a lot more of money, compared that to an equivalent android phone.

This is by far the most common problem that leads the iPhone users to cell their iPhone X. Unfortunately, all of the problems iPhone X has, is bearable on a phone as impressive as iPhone X, if only it didn’t cost over $1,000. At this price, iPhone X better be damn well ‘perfect’.  Moreover, you are paying a fair new $100 more, for the same kind of smartphone. And it’s only the starting price than $999– if you want more storage, you’ll have to pay more. If you want key accessories, you’ll have to pay more too.

Sadly, iPhone X has disappointed to give a worth functionality at this fancy high price. Engendering the users to sell their iPhone X and switch to a fully functional latest android model that are decently priced.

A lot more of customers will be willing to pay extra to have Apple’s shiny new gadget and many people don’t think of it’s as an upfront fee.


When Apple first announced that its gonna be a glass front and back, and plus the stainless steel frame; it created a lot of excitement among the Apple fans imagining they will soon be hands-on with this premium release. The excitement soon turned into disappointment as the users unboxed their brand new iPhone X.

Surprisingly, the subject of disappointment is not the glass front and back, neither the weight- it’s decently weighted between 8 and 8+, what it is though is the ‘FRAME’. Instead of feeling like the stainless steel or metal, its feel merely like a glossy plastic thing. It’s representative of some cover that is usually coated with a stainless steel or any metal in order to make it last longer. The frame is most important of the overall design, the frame is what you gripping like 99% of the time, so it’s a very present feel, but unfortunately, it feels like some cheap plastic-nothing much than this. Not to mention the glass cover of front and back makes the iPhone X damn slippery is another down point for the users as it increases the chance of dropping the expensive piece.

The best thing about iPhones has always been the premium look they offer. The unique metal illuminate feel that feels so premium in our hand but this iPhone X is a big let-down when it comes to feeling and rich look.

It is contradictory to the standard Apple has maintained until its last release.


One of the greatest aspects of a good handset must be its fragility. But when it comes to iPhone X, it has again let its users down in this aspect. It is an extremely fragile of iPhones!

To prove its durability level, the company called ‘Square Trade’  had put iPhone X to its drop test and it scored a 90 out of 100.

90 sounds pretty good, but number 100 is the most fragile and 1 would be the safest. Hence, comparing this, 90 is a very bad score. A bad situation for iPhone X

The result after the test on basis of 1 DROP=6 FEET is:

  • OLED screen malfunction
  • Home swipe failure
  • Display separation
  • Edge scratches

The final quote of the Square Trade Company on the test result was:

iPhone X is the most breakable, highest-priced, most expensive to repair; iPhone X.” 


This is by far the most widespread problem; apps are just not optimised with the iPhone X screen yet, and it just makes sense because iPhone X came out when Bell Press haven’t had enough time yet.

The lack of optimization can get really annoying when you go from app-to-app and each one has its own little thing that offs right because of the iPhone X screen over time it.

Compounding becomes a kind of big issue.Not all of the apps fit the size of the new edged iPhone X screen. It cuts the top or bottom in lot tons of the apps. For instance, Instagram definitely so close that it touches the latch above.

Another example of lack of optimisation is when we play videos in iPhone X; videos are playing at the center of the phone with black bars on the top and bottom, because of the weird aspect ratio.

Yet another instance denoting poor compounding is; iMessage has a huge gap down that really isn’t used for anything.

And when you use the phone normally, when you open apps and other things you will find some little things that don’t really work with the display and it just turns off the whole experience!

Not to mention, these things get better with time. These are similar things that happened with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, it just takes the bell press, an over a little bit of time to adapt to the new hardware. BUT, there are phones out there that we can buy with considerably less money that has fully fledge functional apps and ecosystem that doesn’t have to go through these loops to deal with eventually functional iPhone X.

You bought such an expensive phone to have the full screen and it’s just cutting out the size of apps. So, what’s the point of the full screen, when we aren’t able to enjoy the apps to its fullest?


When zooming onto the specific features that iPhone X offers, we are going to find some features are a bit lacking.

Like, the storage space or capacity every entry-level model offers. The over $1,000 iPhone X offers just 64GB of storage. You will have to pay $1,149 for the 256GB version, that to considering before any TAX.

Comparing the iPhone X with an Apple laptop, that costs pretty much the same, the MacBook AIR. For exactly the same price tag of $999, you will get double the storage capacity of a MacBook AIR. And it’s merely equivalent to 128GB on the laptop, versus 64GB on the POCKET device.

It’s insane. Right?

In today’s generation of apps, videos, photos, social media accounts brewing; most of us need a way far more than 64GB of storage on our so-called smartphones.

This isn’t enough; wait…..there’s another issue here, Apple have definitely gone too far the other way with 256GB model. Most users have no need for such a hefty amount of storage block. And above this, the hefty storage comes at a whopping cost of $150 more for the storage privilege. It would have made much more sense for Apple to offer a 128GB iPhone X. Isn’t it?

Obviously, as users, our answer is a resounding YES!

The fact is, a ton of iPhone X’s so-called most impressive features aren’t actually so impressive when it comes to comparing with the latest Android handsets. Most of the android phones are ahead in the game, whereas Apple is lagging them. And the android phones have already been using these kinds of new technology for insanely a couple of years, if not longer, and yet they are super cheaper than iPhone X.

Author – Sarita Bantallu

Decrease the Cost Of Inventory With E – Commerce

Day-to-day technology gets developments, currently, people  are using the internet to find any details about the products as well as services, it offers benefits for both business owners as well as customers.  At first, it is the comfortable way to find out the details about products, with this people can get every product details within seconds. It is the time-saving option, the e-commerce does not have any restrictions. It helps to meet your needs, moreover, the product, as well as services also easy and comfortable to locate, rather than that, will be delivered within a short period. You can products in e-commerce site like t-shirts online, home appliances etc.

Merits of E-Commerce for Business & Customers

  • With this customer can compare the products easily, at the same time they see who offers the products at best price, here they have a lot of options. With this, they find out the most comfortable options.

  • Easy to compare the products with others, all the products appear online along with complete details; it helps to compare complete details about the products. It is the great way to find the reviews. In the competitive world, people need to get the best products. It is the best way to find the coupons as well as deals. Every online business offers more discount options, it helps to meet your shopping needs. The products also available at best price.

  • When coming to your business e-commerce highly effective because it increases the customer base. It is one of the important factors, which help to gain more customers across the world. This also improves your sales.

  • Majority business people making more sales through online because it is the better way to get higher profit margin. With this, you can make huge money; it is the best way to provide the great shopping experience. It is the faster as well as efficient methods. It expands the business reach.  It is the best way to find the right marketing, with this you can get a number of consumers.

  • The customers also get the product details without leaving their home.It is the comfortable way to make payments, so it highly supports for purchase, the payments made easy as well as comfortable. It is the securable options to pay money.The business owner is also recurring payments to reduce the complexities.

  • As a result, the customer can find the most suitable payment methods based on the provider. In general, the billing process always carried over in a consistent way, of course, the payments also received from their customer in the same way.

  • It supports the instant transactions. The e-commerce reduces the time wastage, with this people no need to wait, people also have chances to pick the payment, which suits their needs. The online transactions are cleared and it is much faster when compared to others. It will take less time. The e-commerce always offers unique options to the business people, with this, they improve their brand image, by the way, they improve their popularity as well as sales percentage.

Traditional vs. the Tiny Owl way

TinyOwl app is an initiative by TinyOwl Technology Private Limited with head office at Mumbai. Currently, the app gives service only to a few restricted Indian cities but regarding its fast growth and popularity, the developers are eyeing to expand the app service area. The app gives 24*7 days service hence you can place food orders any time of the day you want.

The main problem with the traditional way of food ordering is that it requires a lot of energy and it consumes much time as you have to manually place and confirm orders by calling a restaurant representative. And in that case, you also have to spend a lot of time to briefly explain your exact location. All these issues are answered and solved by this TinyOwl food ordering app. With the help of this app, you will be able to place food orders within a matter of just 30 seconds with only a few taps on your Smartphone screen.

Moreover, the traditional way does not allow you to check and compare the price of a similar dish between restaurants but with this app, you can check out and compare menu list of different restaurants for ultimately selecting the best available deal.

You also have the permission to place online food orders from multiple restaurants at a time but in that case, you have to make the payment one by one. In the traditional way of food ordering you have to make payment only by cash on delivery but with this app, you have flexible payment options such as NEFT or credit/debit card or cash on delivery.

In most cases when you order a food in the traditional way, you have to pay delivery charges depending on your delivery location and restaurant distance but this app does not charge you anything more than what you see in the price chart of the restaurant. There are no hidden charges. You will receive your food at your doorsteps totally free!

In the ordinary way of food ordering you don’t have any option than to not placing the order if the food of your choice is unavailable but in the Tiny Owl app, you can freely check another restaurant in search of the food of your choice if it is not available in the previous restaurant you searched.

In some cases, the app offers exclusive discount coupons or combo offers which is surely a plus point over the normal way of food ordering. This app simply aims at enhancing your dining experience by making the food ordering system efficient and seamless. Already this app is the most used food ordering app in Mumbai. Overall, the app has marked 500000 installations till date and the next is your turn.

Currently, Tiny Owl app service is available only in 5 Indian cities but very soon it will expand. If you are not that lucky yet that you are living in the 5 cities: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Mumbai or Pune then you have to hold some patience and wait for your city’s turn for the app to cover.

How to Unlock iPhone 6 Passcode? (4/5S/6Pus)

For first time usersĀ “iPhone is disabled” must be a terrifying message to see. You get this messages when you enter the wrong passcode into your iPhone for 6 times in a row. Let’s get straight to the point. No theory classes on this site. There are 3 ways in which you can Unlock iPhone/ iPad Passcode.

Below we have listed the 3 methods that will help you Unlock your iOS device. We have tried to keep it straightforward and simple. Depending on the method you choose you may or may not lose the data on your iPhone 6.

3 Methods to Unlock iPhone 6 Passcode

  1. Using iTunes
  2. Using iCloud
  3. Using recovery mode

Note: As you don’t remember the password you will have to erase all the data on your iOS device. You may, later on, restore it from the backup. In case you don’t have a backup, you will lose all the data on your iPhone 6.

Using iTunes to Unlock iPhone 6 Passcode

  • To unlock iPhone 6 Passcode using iTunes you need to connect it to the computer on which you have connected your iOS device before. If you don’t have access to that PC you can use the recovery method to unlock the passcode.
  • Once you have successfully connected your iPhone / iPad to the computer you usually sync with, it will automatically sync and create a back up for your iPhone 6 or any other iOS device.
  • All done. Just restore your iPhone by selecting the proper backup.
  • Once the backup is restored take a long breath and use your iPhone. It’s unlocked.

Using iCloud to Unlock iPhone/iPad Passcode

To use this method to unlock your iPhone passcode the Find my iPhoneĀ feature should be enabled on your iPhone or iOS device. Follow the steps below to unlock your iOS device using iCloud.

  • Go to com/#find.
  • Log in to your iCloud Apple id.
  • Erase the device you want to erase from the list of devices.
  • Select the backup you want to restore into your iPhone.

Using Recovery Mode to Unlock iPhone 6 (5S/4S/iPad)

If you are unlucky enough to not sync your device even once on your computer neither you have to Find my iPhone feature enabled, Recovery mode helps to unlock iPhone passcode. Follow the steps precisely.

  • Disconnect all the cables connect to your iPhone 6.
  • Now hold the sleep/wake button and turn off your device. Don’t release the sleep button.
  • At the same time plug-in your device to the computer.
  • Don’t release the home button until you see connect to iTunes 
  • Open iTunes. Select ok and restore your device.

We hope this article was helpful and unlocked your iPhone 6 passcode. In case you failed to unlock passcode just drop a comment below with the problem you faced. We will address your issue and try to help with it ASAP.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Android phone

In today’s era, Android devices are the most widespread devices which are being used by almost everyone. Every person uses their smartphones to keep all their important data init, whether messages, images, videos or other data. But there is one thing for which each person is concerned and that is what if the data on your smartphone or tablet may get lost and they have even kept the back up of their device. To avoid these types of situations one must use a recovery software which helps users to restore their different types of data.   Recovery software helps persons to recover deleted photos from android phone or any other important data in just few mouse clicks and short span of time. In this article, we will guide you “How to recover deleted photos from android phone“?

Mobikin Doctor is one such software which is basically designed for the android devices which helps you to restore your data. It’s a multi-functional application which you need to install on your desktop or laptop. The application is compatible with all different types of Operating Systems including Windows Vista, Windows 7 and others.  Some of the features of the Mobikin recovery Program are mentioned below:

  • MobiKin Doctor for AndroidProgram can be used for Windows as well as MAC devices.
  • The software allows the android users to restore 8 types of Android data including images, messages, videos and even contacts from any kind of android phones as well as tablets.
  • All the contacts and the messages can be restored and can be saved in any format of your choice.
  • The program is almost compatible with all the android phones including Samsung, HTC, Nokia and other brands.
  • The software is being supported by all the versions of the Android including the latest one.
  • This software has a built-in preview feature which helps to view all the contents of the data in a detailed view before recovery.

How to Get back lost pictures from android phone?

Various Steps have to be performed recover deleted photos from an android phone with the help of MobiKin recovery software.

Firstly one needs to install the application on the desktop/laptop. For restoring all the photos, contacts and messages from your mobile phone, one needs to root their device.  To start the process of the recovering, enable the USB debugging on your smartphone before connecting it to the system. After the USB debugging, connect the Android device to the system. Then open the user interface of the application where one can view all the files or folders on your smartphone as well as a memory card on the screen of the system. After viewing all the data, one can select the data which you need to restore. After selecting all the photos or data, one can click on the Recover button which is there at the bottom of the screen. After clicking, it will recover all your data on the computer at the desired place which is being selected by the user.

This is the recovery software which is being used by millions of users all over the world due to its easy method of recovering lost data.

Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error – How to Make Windows 7 Genuine?

Not just for geeks/computer guys but a personal computer/laptop has become important to almost anyone alive and awake today. Even a 5-year-old knows how to run a computer, isn’t it?

People ranging from all age groups, community, irrespective of their backgrounds are in a need to use Computers as a part of their daily activities. As they say “Technology is the Window to the future”. Ironically, a window to run a computer is actually “Windows”. The operating system on which most of the computers run today, developed by “Microsoft” is Microsoft Windows. The latest version is Windows 8 but it is still not as popular or let say it is still not as widely used as it’s predecessor Windows 7.

How to Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error – This copy of windows is not genuine?

So having a complete control over it or using it to the most, are the things that a User would want. And that is where the “Genuine” word comes in. Not every user may have the “Genuine Windows 7” operating system. To some extent, it is not even possible, if you are a start-up, then you can’t buy Genuine Windows operating system for all the PCs. You are supposed to but then again what is the need to if you have free tips/tricks. No offence to anyone would just like to share some ways, using which you can make your Windows 7 “genuine”.

  • You can check whether your version is genuine or not by selecting the properties of “My Computer”
  • Then you get a screen which shows whether your Windows is activated or not.

Sometimes, there is a case where your windows are activated & still you get the error message for the same.

How to make Windows 7 version genuine:

  • Open a command prompt (Go to start menu. Search for programs “cmd”. Then do the following
  • Type “SLMGR –REARM” and press enter.
  • Then you will get a message pop – up like :
  • Restart your machine & enjoy Windows 7 Genuine version.

Another way to achieve this is when you see an error like:

Download a file “HAL7600” from a torrent site, making sure it is the right file by checking on the verified tag & the comments below the file download link at the page. If you think it is the right file, then go ahead and download the file.

  • When you run this, make sure your antivirus software is disabled because, like any other utility which acts as an unknown system related file, it will be detected as a malware. So, it is suggested to disable the antivirus for the time being. 

Note: If any previous hacks or utilities to serve the same purpose are installed, they need to be uninstalled first.

  • Now before running “HAL7600”,  you need to do a quick repair to avoid discrepancies if any.
  • Open command prompt, just like earlier, Run as administrator.
  • Now type in “sfc /scannow” and click enter.

Running the above command prompt brings all the key files to their original state.

It is recommended to the install.Net framework before installing the “HAL7600” file. Otherwise, it will throw an error at runtime and ask you to install.Net anyway.

Microsoft .Net can be downloaded using this link

  • Now it is time to run “HAL7600”. Once the installation is complete, you can go ahead and enjoy your Genuine Windows 7.

You can also download the various patches named as  “Windows loader” available on different sites To make your Windows activated/genuine.

Getting backlinks to your website:

If you have a new website and want to drive more traffic to your website you should know have backlinks to your site.What are backlinks?

Backlinks are the links to your site from another website, in short when other sites post your article on their site it is a backlink.Basically, backlinks are of two types:

1)One way link

2)two-way link

one way links:

If your site is linked to some other site and you don’t link back to that site it is known as one-way links.One way links benefit you to rank better in Google search rank.One way links are the report of your site performance as it gives the credit to your content.If some site with adult content or not so good with content links to your Google may find your site spammy or fake, so be aware who links to your site.

Two-way links:

Linking back to the sites who link you is known as two-way links.Many sites offer to exchange links, before exchanging link always check the site content, it is helpful for your users?does that contain offensive content and if answers to this questions are positive you can look ahead towards exchanging.

Whom does backlinks matter:

Frankly speaking, no one cares how much backlinks do you have except search engines.If you want someone to read your article you must have a lot of links pointing towards that article.Search engines the quality, relevance of these backlinks.It looks easy to get backlinks but ACTUALLY, It’s NOT.The most important thing to get backlinks is to create quality content wanting to share by other sites.This is the most important step in creating your website-QUALITY CONTENT is the base of a successful website.

How do big sites build backlinks so easily?

The answer is, They have worth content linking to their site.They never ask for links but they just get millions of links.You may be wondering how to get as many links as these sites get, the answer is simple.Create some valuable content which will be helpful for people and they like it and visit your site frequently and automatically you will get backlinks and traffic.

I have a cricket bat and you have a ball:

Let me explain if you are linking or exchanging link to the sites who have content related to your site.


One way backlinks are always more valued than exchange link by search engines.Always aim high and try to link to sites who have ranking equal or better than you.

Always keep in check who is linking to your site, how?

To find out how many inbound links you have, you can use a Backlink Checker. This one, in particular, will tell you the number of Google results, Yahoo results, and Alexa rank.

Other websites for checking links:

Search Engine Genie Backlink Checker

100% FREE Backlink Checker.


Online Backlink Checker

This one will not only tell you how many links you have, but where.


Strategies for Driving Traffic

An excellent article from SEOmoz about ways to get more traffic to your website.


squidoo is the great site that hosts these page and several other pages named lenses (I will add my top ones underneath).

Using google getting high google page ranks and also it serves two purposes:
A. Get super high trust link from PR8 website which is amongst the top 500 in the world.
B. Drive traffic, quality US one usually. Squidoo community is big. If you put down a great piece and bother using Squidu forums in order to let people know about it, it can catch on and become really popular. It can even become your main goal to promote the lens and not your main site!

10 amazing tips to get maximum backlinks:

1.post in forums and add a link to your site:

While writing a post in a forum always choose a forum which is relevant to your site and it does not have a no follow tag which tells Google not to consider your link.My experience tells that anyway google doesn’t consider don’t follow tag, so no need to worry about it.Now while giving links give it in a natural text.While giving an anchor text never use a click here text.

2.let people know about your articles:

Let people know about the article, in other words, do good SEO for your website. Find directories on your own subject i.e submit to directories with similar content of your site.Make complete use of social media to bring your site in public and letting people know.create a facebook, twitter, google +1 pages of your website, this will help you a lot.

3.create a blog for your website:

This is one of the most important things to get backlinks to your website.Reasons why blog brings more backlinks than normal website are given below:

  • blogs are tracked instantly by search engines
    It means that any updates you do to your blog are instantly tracked by search engines.It links your new entries instantly.
  • Blogs can be published in very less time
    For blogs you don’t need to design each page separately, all you need to do is to add content and publish it.


  • Blogs get links from other blogs

Bloggers must of the times read and follow blogs.If you run a website and not a blog you may have some hard time to get links from other blogs.

4.claim your website on Alexa:

Alexa already keeps information about your site and along with it, they provide you with the overall ranking of your website.

5.Respond to comments:

Be kind and generous.Responding to comments on your website makes feel good to other bloggers and they might link you to your good content.

6.comment on other blogs:

Always comment on other blogs in a positive way and give your site link with the comment, there is every chance that anyone who liked your site can link back to you.

7.respont to email:

Always be kind to people.Be cool to people.Help people with their answers and mail them the URL of the answer.Also, post the answer as a comment so you can get more content on that topic.

8.Be a guest blogger:

This might get you a lot of backlinks.If a blog owner likes the articles he will definitely link to your site.This may also give you lot of visitors.

9: link to other blogs heavily:

Never hesitate to link other blogs of relevant content if you like the article.Before doing this once check the site ranking etc. it’s always good to link sites better than you.

10.Write unique articles:

This is the heart of getting backlinks.If you have valuable information people will come to you.So always focus on writing quality and unique content.

Earning from a website

You can earn a large amount of money online from your website.If done a survey you can find that website is the best source to earn money online as it does not have any limit on the income.Everything you need is gathered here and I assure that you will get the complete info you need to earn good amount of revenue.

Okay then before proceeding any further you have to agree one thing “earning money from a website is not an overnight process, it is a long run process”

Okay let me divide it:

1.First, you must create a website

2.build traffic to your website

Earning from AdSense:

When someone asks about earning from a website, the first thing that comes to mind is ad sense.Google ad sense allows you to post ads on your site and pays for it.Google ad words is an advertising program by Google.You can publish your website ads using ad words.In ad sense, you get paid for a click on the ads according to CTC(cost per click) and CPM(cost per 1000 impressions).

Once you are approved by google ad sense google gives you as codes relevant to the content of your pages and you can put that ad on your website.Google pays you the share the ad owners gives Google.If you are not the resident of USA google pays you by check.

pay per click(PPC):

1.As the name suggests pay per click means you get paid for every click on the ads appearing on your site.

2.You must sign PPC advertising programs to display PPC ads on your site.On average You may get paid from 0.2$ to 5$ per click.

3.PPC ads on your site are relevant to the content on your page so that you get more clicks.for eg.if you have a site on web designing you will have ads on web designing so that it can attract users.

Cost per impression(PPM):

CPM gives you a specific amount per 1000 impressions on your site.

  1. Suppose your site get 6000 visitors per day with 15000 pageviews.Now if your advertiser pays you 2$ per impression then you will get 1500/1000=15 CPM.

now 15*2=30$

so, you get 30$ paid for 15000 pageviews with CPM rate 2$.

Affiliate marketing:

1.In affiliate marketing, you have links to other sites on your site.

2.If someone goes to your client’s site through an ad on your site and buys some product you get some commission as decided between you and client.

3.For this, you need to join affiliate networks.

Direct ads:

1.If you are getting large no of visitors and your site is getting popular you can enter into direct ad sale.

2.In Direct ad sale, you get a fixed amount.

3.In this, you offer advertisers to paste ads of 728×456 in the header section and advertise decides to pay 100$ per month.

4.You can do this if you are getting enough money that you don’t care about PPC.

Complete a-z tips to increase traffic on your website:

This article will provide you with the detailed and complete information you must know to increase traffic to your website.On most of the sites, you find no of pages of useless information wasting your valuable time in reading that pages.This website particularly focuses on making the articles as short as possible with complete information/knowledge you should know.In this article we are going to study two things below:

1)How to increase traffic to website/blog

2)How to increase google page rank

21 Tips to increase traffic to your website:

1.Optimize your site (SEO):

Do good SEO for your site so people can find your site for the keywords you have given.If you are new to it and don’t know what is SEO? , first, learn SEO before proceeding.You may find it time-consuming but its essential to create the successful website.

2.Write quality content:

Nothing is more important than content to make a super successful website.If you have quality content search engines, visitors will automatically notice your website.So always put maximum effort to create a quality content and remaining on SEO.

3.Get listed in directories:

Submit your site to all major web directories, this will build links and also will gain a lot of traffic from directories also.This will put a good impression on google.

4.Get listed in search engines:

Submit your sitemap to major search engines, this will help them to know what is your site about.

5.Get links to your site:

To know linking in detail read the article getting backlinks to a website.Ask your friends, a site’s with relevant content to link to you and offer them linking back.This will help you get good search rank in search engines.

6.Design your site beautifully:

Good design and layout refers to proper navigation, link to homepage from every page, no broken links.etc.This will make visitors wanting your site.

7.Write a guest post on other blogs:

Request writing a guest post on relevant topics to your website.Writing a guest post and giving link will give you a traffic from links pointing to your site and also can increase your traffic.

8.Making good use of images:

Always make a habit of putting images in articles and most importantly give the title, alt tags and clearly mention width, the height of images.This will know search engines to know about the image.

9.Reply to comments and emails:

Be kind and grateful to users.They will love you for this and ultimately increase your traffic and linking.

10.Analyse your stats:

Make efficient use of stats provided by your web host and google analytics.This will help you to know for which keywords you are getting most of the traffic and it gives you to improve your site.

11.Comment on other blogs:

99% of times your site will be visited if you comment on other blogs.Also, keep a day in a week only to comment on other blogs.You will have fun and also will gain no of visitors.

12.Write list posts:

We and almost everyone love list posts.Eg.top 10 SEO tips, top 100 web hosting sites etc.

13.Write your answers on yahoo:

On Yahoo! you write answers to other people questions which help them.There is a box where you can link your site and have returning visitors.


“Be what you are and people will love you for this, I assure”

15.Use email marketing:

Add signatures of your site links to every email you send and if possible add the signature event to your text messages you send through a cellphone.Loyal readers will visit your site repeatedly.

16.Publish your site offline:

Try to spread your site name as more as possible i.e on your car, in local newspapers, sponsor some event in your town anything just spread your site.

17.Give free stuff;

Everyone in this world loves free stuff.So just give away free stuff and visitors will love you for this.Give some copyright free images for commercial use for free.

18.Provide newsletters:

Ask your users for newsletters and regularly send them some interesting information and also ask them to ask forward it to their friends.

19.Make efficient use of social media:

Facebook, twitter, google +1 are great resources to get a large amount of traffic.Include social buttons on your site and share your content on social networking sites.

20.RSS feed:

Allow people to interact with you in another way.


“Be a good internet citizen.Help people with their problems and speak them gracefully.Whenever someone calls you on telephone or mails you try to make a good interaction with them providing a solution to their problems.If they ask how may I thank you, just ask them to link to your site if they liked it.”


what is search optimization is the best way to do any activity, in our terms optimization means making our website best possible with each of its function.
search engine optimization?

before knowing this let us first learn the meaning of optimization…

SEO is bit complex issue, but every person who wants to succeed must know it.so let’s start with SEO:

Beginners often ask questions such as..what is SEO?dont worry you will get everything here.It might be difficult and time-consuming at first but as you proceed you will love this concept and keep reading this article.I will try to keep this article as simple as possible and will cover almost every point you should know.


1.you need a website or blog.
2.google AdSense account.
3.google analytics account.
4.google webmaster tools.
5.statsconter provided by your web host.
6.getting paid for ads on your ads.
7.understanding so.
8.promoting website.
don’t worry, we are going to cover all these points in detail.


what is SEO?

“Its always good to do good SEO ….but content is the heart of your website”

what you do when you want some information on net….obvious it is..you type what you want in search engines i.e google, yahoo, bing etc. you don’t go to the specific website unless you know about it.When your search is generated there are thousands of search results, what you do?obviously, you check the first page.less than 40% users check second page and less than 10% users check the third page it means you cannot generate enough traffic if your website is not ranked on the first page of search engines for your keywords.

THE ANSWER FOR THIS IS SEO, an acronym of search engine optimization.


When users see your website they can view your website content, images, videos, flash etc.But when search engines see your website they can see only programming and HTML tags and that’s the issue with the flash website not ranking high.Flash has entered google just in recent time, therefore positioning work is based on HTML tags and text.


Indexing pages simply refer to submitting your pages to search engines directory.create a sitemap and submit it to google, yahoo, bing etc.By doing this they will come to know about content and links in your website.


Meta tags are the tags included in the head section of HTML code of your website.These tags are visible only to search engines and not to users.
There are three types of meta tags:
1.meta robots.
2.meta description
3.meta keywords


This tag is only included in a page if you don’t want to index that page in a search engine directory.


This tag is used to describe your content.Describe content of your website in 3 to 4 lines in detail.This tag is important because you can describe your website in more detail.


Meta keyword is the words for which you want users to search your site in search engines.you can give about 7 to 8 keywords here, avoid giving many keywords as a search engine may look towards your as a spam site.


A title is the most important tag on your website.Always try to put the keyword that best describes your page.Add around 5 to 6 keywords to your title.


Heading tags are important as they describe the actual content on your page.Among them, h1 tag is most important.Don’t make your page too lengthy keep it up to h4 tag.


Relevance means ..any word in your title or meta keyword with a question mark and the same word in the content of your page.It drives good impression on search engines.It should be noted that using hidden texts and word lists is penalised by search engines.


Always try to make a website as detailed as possible and simple.Give URL’s on the page and if that URL has the same content as described then its good impression on search engines.


This is important as it gives importance to your users.You try to give the complete information and also the outside links on the same content, this will make users wanting your site.


A sitemap is the one more important thing you must do to provide your pages to search engines.Create a sitemap.XML file and submit it to search engines as it will make them aware of pages your site content.If you don’t know how to create sitemap there are the various site which provides you readymade sitemap for your site.


1.The content you created for your website is quality and easily accessible to search engines.
The toughest thing is to find the best keywords for your site with least competition.you can also take help of google keywords.
3.make sure your
4.heading tags
everything is in the right position.
4.We show the relevancy of our site to search engines by links on our site which is known as link building.Don’t link to spammy or bad site search engines may think a different way.Quality links on your site leave max effect on search engines.


If you want to save time and improve your website hire an SEO company.things you should take into account while hiring SEO
1. Review the content and design of a site.
2.Technical assistance in the development of websites, eg.hosting, redirects, error pages, using JavaScript, etc.
3. Content Development.
4. Management online business development campaigns.
5.Keyword research.
6. SEO training.
7. Experience in specific sectors and geographic regions