After India it’s Nationalist win of Shinzo Abe in Japan

Shinzo Abe wins Japan Election replicating his friend the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with an absolute majority of two third seats.

To catch on the increased support among Japanese people, the prime minister announced snap election in a news conference at his official residence in Tokyo, Japan, on September 25, 2017.

The 48th general election of members of the Lower House or the House of Representatives took place on 22 October 2017. The election results declared on 22 oct. shows trust of Japanese nationals on Shinzo Abe’s governing coalition of LDP and NKP.

Shinzo Abe’s governing coalition of Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito formerly called New Komeito (abbreviated NKP) own the absolute majority of two third seats. The campaign started with a focus on issues such as taxes, threats by China and North Korea, Constitutional reforms.

The success of Abenomics which refers to the economic policies advocated by Shinzo Abe since the December 2012 general election helped him win the 2017 election. Abenomics is based upon ‘three arrows’ of monetary easing, fiscal stimulus and structural reforms.

The opposition party CDP has failed to gain the trust of voters against Shinzo Abe’s ruling LDP. The new political party ‘Party of Hope’ launched hours before the announcement of elections turned to be Party with no Hope in wake of popular enthusiasm towards LDP.

Shinzo Abe thanked Japanese people for his historic win and supporting the policies of his government. He assured to tackle security issues related to North Korea and promised investments in education and pension system.

Shinzo Abe a right-wing nationalist aims at reviving the Japan’s military power and military reforms which will help in the offensive defence of Japan. Article 9 of japans constitution forbids war as a mean to settle international disputes involving Japan. The majority gained in this election will allow Shinzo Abe to propose changes in the constitution which limit its military to self defence role. Mr. Abe said on Sunday that he hoped to gain the public support for his proposed revision to Japan’s constitution.

The LDP successfully convinced Japanese people that, only it can protect the Japanese interest from the geopolitical threats by North Korea and China.

In September, India hosted Japanese PM Shinzo Abe for indo Japan summit in Gujarat. Shinzo Abe and his wife visited religious and cultural places in India. The honourable Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Shinzo Abe on his big election win,

Since Narendra Modi took over as PM in 2014 the Indo Japanese relations transformed enormously.  The successful conclusion of a Civil Nuclear agreement between India and Japan despite the fact that India has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) shows the commitment of Japan towards India. Another important marker of indo Japan relationship is the proposed Ahmadabad-Mumbai bullet train project. This 500 km project is financed by Japan with credit of US $ 17 billion which has to be repaid in 50 years with a nominal interest rate of 0.1%.

Gujarat 2017 Election: Voters Trust on BJP

Since 1995 to till date the Bharatiya Janata Party has given a stable and efficient government in Gujarat. The trust built by the work of the then chief minister of Gujarat and now the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is the reason behind enthusiasm of voters towards BJP.

As Chief Minister, Modi favoured privatization. The creation of groundwater-conservation projects especially checks dams have led to rising in groundwater levels. From 2001 to 2010 Gujarat had the agricultural growth rate of 10.97 % which is highest of all the states. Gujarat has the highest production of genetically modified cotton. When TATA Company’s NANO manufacturing plant has been stalled by agitation in west Bengal, Modi offered land in Gujarat to Tata Motors to set up a plant. The reforms in GSEB enabled it to provide 24×7 electricity to most consumers.

The different schemes launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi have won the hearts of the people and these schemes have been very beneficial especially to an economically poor section of the society.

Lakh’s of people are attending BJP election rallies and they are ready to take next step in development with BJP. The BJP is all set for its biggest win in Gujarat election.

Earth Day activities for Kids , Kindergarten, Toddlers, Children 2014

Earth Day 2014 is approaching and it’s our duty to take steps to keep our planet clean and safe. Kids are especially very enthusiastic about earth day. There are various activities or projects that can create awareness among Kids, High school students about the importance of Earth Day. It’s time to appreciate the Mother Earth and respect it. In this article, we are displaying some Activities for Small Kids, Toddlers, Kindergarten children and even high school students. Let’s take steps to save our lovely Planet. A very Happy Earth Day 2014 to all the preschoolers.

Preschool Earth Day activities for Kids, Kindergarten  2014

We hope you find this article useful and you find the motivation to save our planet earth. If you have some more ideas please tell them in the comments section. Share this article with your friends and spread the awareness.

  • Plant Trees and Flowers

Plant some known trees and flowers you know. You can plant them in a backyard in the home, In school and other possible places. You can also take steps to make existing plants healthy by removing weeds etc.

  • Use Cycle for School

Say no to school Bus and other vehicles on Earth day. You can also keep special days in a week when everyone uses cycle for transport.

  • Save Electricity

Save electricity by turning off lights for few hours a day. This is easily achievable for few hours a day. You can also keep one hour light off during the evening.

  • Periodic Clean Ups

You can do periodic cleanups of School premises as well as public areas such as collecting Garbage etc. We know a group who cleans mountains every year on Earth day. The guys are certainly doing a great job and contributing to saving Earth.

  • Recycle

Recycling is the best way to deal with used products. Create creative crafts by recycling the damaged products.

  • Ask People to turn off Vehicle Engine on Traffic Signals

Most of us do not turn off engines when we stop for a traffic signal. A lot of fuel can be saved just by turning off the engine on traffic signals. You can visit traffic signals on earth day and ask people to turn off the engine and spread awareness about it.

  • Arrange a Seminar

You can arrange Seminar of an environmentalist for guiding you on how to use resources efficiently and how everyone can give to save planet earth.

Surely there are a lot of activities that can be done expect these. Let us know what you think.

Top 10 Best News Websites of the world, Highest Readership

Internet has made the human life exciting and informative. Because of the rapid use of this internet now we stay informed about the latest new around us. The newspaper has played its role in all field of human life. So now news is also available online. So that people try to collect information about the stocks and their investments, even if about the weather and latest gadgets and app by the news website. The movement for publishing online newspaper was started to reduce the use of paper, that also helps in decrease costs, thus saving the environment. Online newspapers are very similar to printed newspapers and follow the same legal rules and boundaries, which are also, applicable to all online publications in most of the countries. Now day’s online newspaper has a news article, news audio, and news video websites covering it with responsibilities to clear up what is as expected of them and, and what isn’t, for its online publication. Depending on the quality of news and information provide let these online newspapers site to get rated by its readers. There are some Best News Websites which has the true and fastest news of every event happening in this world.

Best News Websites:

According to a readership, these are the 10 Best News Websites of the world.

Yahoo! News has stood on the top with approximately 110,000,000 unique readers. It categorizes news into top stories, world, U.S. National, business, science, entertainment, weather and health. It maintains a block of Most Popular, News Photos and Local News.The articles in Yahoo News used to come from news services from different associated news channel and Press such as ABC News, NPR, CBC News, Seven News, and BBC News etc.

Huffington Post stands in the second position with approximately 85,000,000  unique readers. It is an American online news channel agency.The site public’s news, scientific blogs, and original content and covers news related to business, politics, entertainment, technology, environment, lifestyle, healthy living, culture, comedy, women’s interests, and also include local news.

CNN stands in the third rank with approximately 70, 000,000  unique readers. It is an American based satellite broadcast television channel. Its main role is to update viewers of the latest news in the world. It contains a weather update from the CNN World Weather Forecast News.

Google News stood in the fourth rank with approximately 65,000,000 unique readers. Google News is free news provided and is operated by Google Inc. It selects and provides most up-to-date news and information for its thousands of reader. Google news provides latest news articles to 30 days past appeared news on the websites. From January 2013, it served in different local languages across the world.

New York Times stands in the fifth rank with approximately  59,500,000 unique readers.

Fox News stands in the sixth position in ranking with approximately 50, 000,000  unique readers.

NBC News stood in the seventh position in ranking with approximately  40,000,000  unique readers.

Mail Online stands in the eighth position in ranking with approximately 39, 800,000  unique readers.

USA Today stands in ninth rank with approximately 38,000,000 unique readers.

Washington Post stands in the tenth rank with approximately 37,000,000  unique readers.