World Environment Day

World Environment Day, which is celebrated on 5th June every year is celebrated this year as well in the whole world including India. Every year environment day is being celebrated with a theme and this year’s theme is “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care”. This year, through this theme the message which is being sent to every human on this planet is to protect it. Earth is the only place for our survival with limited resources and limited land to live on. We are seven billion people now on earth, so each of us owes a responsibility towards it.
If we will not respect our earth and it’s resourced everything would come to an end. If we will keep using it without giving a second thought, then our survival on our lovely planet will be difficult. If this will continue for long then there will be a time when our grandchildren will strive for food.
So, this day whole world will be celebrating the environment day by planting a lot of plants and cleaning river. Greenhouse effect and climate change are becoming more serious these days. Every year nature shows it’s side effects in one or another part of the earth in the form of flood or drought. Summers are becoming more hotter and winters are becoming more cooler year by year. The situation is alarming and if not paid attention to the environment it will worsen.

grow trees

Growing trees are the best way to keep our earth cycle normal. Forests need to be protected as the flora and fauna of earth play an important role in keeping the earth worth living. If the natural species would extinct then the balance would not be possible on earth. So every person should plant trees and protect them Use resources thinking that they will last only a few days and need to be used carefully.
Many organizations are becoming aware of protecting the earth and playing an important role in saving it. For example, Zee News launched ‘My Earth, My Duty’ campaign and entered the Limca Book of Records for planting more than 7,300,000 trees in one single day across 34 cities and 250,000 villages on 25 August 2010.
World environment day focuses on issues which need to be tackled to save the earth and avoid harmful consequences. For example, countries like Beijing have smog amount 20 times more than permitted according to World Health Organisation. India’s capital New Delhi is among the most air polluted cities of the world carrying hazardous diseases in its air. A lot of people suffer from breathing problem in Delhi. This air polluting environment is life taking as outdoor air pollution was estimated to cause 3.7 million premature deaths worldwide in 2012.
So, we should all pledge to save our planet earth from further loss of soil, water and air quality. This degradation in quality would kill each of us one day. So before that happens it is essential to take some steps. Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi planted a tree today and spread a message of saving the earth and planting trees. Schools have organized rallies and campaigns to plant saplings in school premises all over India.

6 Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Health

Many of you might have brought the new bottle of apple cider vinegar just to try it out once. Well, then you have brought home a useful thing for your health.

It has a wide range of health benefits which might be surprising to you. No more anticipation, we will take a look at those benefits now.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Before you take a flight to your imagination, let me tell you that, it is nothing complex but the vinegar made from the apples. It has a good amount of acetic acid in it along with minerals like sodium and potassium in it.

Benefit: For Diabetes

It has the properties which lower the glycemic index. It is known for reducing the blood sugar levels in the blood. Hence it is advisable for the patients with Diabetes Type 2 with high blood sugar to control their blood sugar levels.

Benefit: For Losing Weight

This vinegar is helpful in losing weight process. It has properties which can break down the fats in your body easily.

Obviously, you cannot depend whole and sole on this for losing weight. It has to be accompanied by the good amount of exercise and diet control. But this one helps you for sure.

Benefit: Immunity

Consuming apple cider every day boosts the immunity of the body against the Cold and Flu.

Benefit: Digestion And Detox

Apple cider vinegar is full of probiotic. It is very helpful in the digestion.

You must have heard the name of apple cider in the reference to skin detoxification many times. Yes, it is true. It helps in detox of your body and gets rid of those impurities. Taking apple cider every day in diet can make your skin clearer.

Benefit: Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne

Yes, It can be used very well in the treatment of acne. It can be used in the form of a toner for your skin. Thus helps in the acne breakouts because of its acetic acid content.

  • Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a jar.
  • Mix it with water to make the slightly concentrated solution of vinegar as the toner.
  • Caution: If you have very sensitive skin, then be careful with the concentration that you take. Then make it diluted as it has the risk of burning the skin.
  • Take a cotton swab. Then absorb it in the toner that you have just made.
  • Apply this to your skin after you wash your face.
  • Take a new cotton every time you use the toner.

How to use apple cider vinegar?

Now, knowing all these health benefits of apple cider vinegar, you want to include it in your diet. Then how to?  It is simple.

  • Do not drink apple cider vinegar directly. It might be very acidic for your mouth and teeth.
  • Add an only single teaspoon of this liquid to a glassful of water. Then drink it promptly.
  • Do not take this if you have a history of chronic acidity of the stomach.

You will be able to reap the benefits of this if you keep it included in your diet plan for every day. If you have any questions or any comments, Please feel free to tell us those.

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Health is always to be earned. Live healthily.

Turmeric Face Mask For Dry Skin, Acne (Recipe & Benefits)

Turmeric’ is a multipurpose medicine which has tremendous antibacterial properties. It is commonly known as ‘Haldi’ in India. This is the traditional medicine used from ancient Ayurveda. It can be used for from treating small wounds to the prevention of cancer.

Having known about turmeric as the Ultimate medicine from Ayurveda, There are more benefits from Turmeric that can come in handy for your needs.

Homemade Turmeric Face Mask

Are you still using some Face mask from the market which has more of chemical and preservatives than those of natural ingredients it quotes to have? Then its time to some natural skin care tips over here.

There can be different types of turmeric masks that you can prepare at home based on the type of your skin. You have to first check whether your skin is dry or oily or just normal.

Turmeric can be effective on the pimples problem and it adds Glow to your skin. It has antibacterial properties which are beneficial for many skin problems.

Natural Turmeric Face Mask For Dry Skin:

It is essential to take care of dry skin, especially in the winter.


Take a spoonful of milk cream, add honey and half spoon Turmeric powder in it.

Mix this properly and apply it to the skin. Massage onto your skin to get the ingredients enter into your skin pores. Wash it with lukewarm water. You will see the moisturized glowing skin.

Turmeric Face Mask For Oily Skin (For Acne):

Turmeric can be well used for treating acne problems. The question is how to prepare the mask to get rid of that acne? Here is the solution.

Turmeric Face Mask Recipe:

Take a bowl of sandalwood powder. Add a spoon of Turmeric power into it. (If available easily, add a spoon of neem powder into it) .Add a few drops of Rosewater into it. Turmeric will act on the bacteria in the pimples and prevents the further breakouts of pimples. Allow it to dry for few minutes (10 -15 mins). Then wash it with water. 

Sandalwood has the soothing effect on the skin and will reduce the redness. Follow this Regime for every week. You will get rid of pimples soon with bright skin.

It is advisable that you cleanse your face properly with soap-free cleanser before applying a face mask. It’s always good to take care of your skin.

Be beautiful. Be natural.