Happy Cinco De Mayo Pictures

Happy Cinco De Mayo Pictures

Cinco de Mayo (Spanish) meaning Fifth of May is an annual celebration held on May 5 to commemorate the Mexican Army’s Victory at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862.

In 1861 Mexican President Benito Juarez was forced to default on debt payments to European governments because of the bad financial situation of the country. France, Britain, and Spain sent their army’s to Mexico with an intention to carve out an empire out of Mexico.

However, Britain and Spain withdrew their forces after negotiation. France, on the other hand, invaded Mexico. The French army of 6000 troops attacked Puebla de Los Angeles, a small town in east-central Mexico. They were to fight the 4000 patriotic soldiers of Mexico sent by Juarez.

The battle was won by Mexicans and it boosted the morale of Mexicans in their fight against the French. The parade with traditional Mexican dress and dance performances is carried out in many cities.  The celebrations are done mainly in Mexico and USA. In the USA the Mexican Americans celebrate the 5th of May as a commemoration of the Mexican culture and heritage. Whereas in Mexico especially in City of Puebla the celebrations are for the Mexican Army’s Victory at the Battle of Puebla, on May 5, 1862.



Happy Cinco De Mayo Pictures

What Are Different Career Options After 12th?

When we are in school we always have a dream of future. When we reach class twelve the dream of future is no bright and wide enough. Now as soon we are going out of twelve we are going to look forward to a new life or the college life. There are different types of colleges in India which can offer wings to your dreams to future. After twelve it’s time to explore the new corridors of college life which comes with the marks, qualifications and interest. With a good performance in twelve final exams with that of similar excellent performance in the entrance exam, you can get a sit-in Top engineering or Medical colleges or can go for Basic Science College too.But it’s not easy to decide as we suggest someone on just asking to suggest. It requires the little bit of research and a lot of interest for that subject because it is going to be your future profession.

After twelve we are going for graduation that can be a science or arts or commerce that can also represent us by our work in the future. Although these are not the only ways out there are different another way out to have a good career and a good profession.

There are different options that can help you in deciding a better future after twelve.

The first point in the checklist is to choose the stream and consider its future scope. Always choose some subject which has some scope of higher education if someone is interested in research or study.If you are interested in science and passed out with PCM then you can go for professional courses such as architecture, engineering, design, and biotech or in Information and Communication Technology. If anyone is interested in pure sciences subject and want to have a degree in subjects such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology or statistics etc can also go for it. If some have PCB and have interest in medical studies then can go for MBBA in Ayurveda, Allopathic or in veterinary etc. Top B.tech Colleges in India are premium institutes for engineering.

  1. If one is interested in commerce subject that can go for B Com or Eco with Honors to be a financial expert in that sector. If someone is from arts stream then can deal with humanities and can go for BA. One can choose a certain subject to move in professional courses by appearing Entrance exam.Depending on the stream and entrance result one can take admissions in courses like law, fashion design etc which are not restricted to specific stream but depend on the interest of the person. One can also go for some different career is some is interested to serve for the county then can join the Armed forces or sit for NDA exams.
  2. You can even change stream if you are interested in higher education. One can change from science stream to commerce stream which is the easy way out but from commerce student, stream change may not be an easy one as it’s not possible in some education system in some countries.In commerce stream, you can go for BBA.

One can choose some professional course like Hotel Management, Law, Mass Communication, Management, Journalism or fashion design etc. These careers depend on personal interest and passion for these professions.

One can even choose a career in a vocational course like tourism, secretary, office administration etc which can also be chosen which also offer a good career choice for many.

  1. One needs to plan before he or she choose any stream and have a career dream in some college of your choice. One needs to prepare well for the admissions because it’s only done by going through the competitive process.
  2. After completion of Bachelor of Engineering, you can go for masters. Check out Top M.tech Colleges in Indialist which will help you to choose the best college.

So if you good and interested in some course and want to get admissions then don’t depend on people saying rather be confident on marks and scores of entrance exam. But try to consult some good career counsellor who can give you a good career picture, and that will help you to explore different career options as per your interest and confidence.They can help you to offer a better way that suits you and your talent with a lot of alternative ways to reach certain career goals and you don’t have to panic with the question what to do after passing class twelve. Collegedunia.com will help you while completing your studies.

Father- an unsung hero of our life

Father’s day celebrated on third Sunday of June all over the world to honour the role of father’s in a child’s life. This day is important to tell the world the significance of a father in the development of a child. When a child comes out of mother’s womb, the second most important person in his life is Father. A father is not like a mother who is always ready to give and nurture you with love. A father has a completely different role in a child’s life and his presence is as important as a presence of his mother. He is important to tell the child the reality of the world and his responsibility is not to protect him but make him prepare for the problems the child will be facing.
Fatherhood is very important to make you strong and to make you survive. He goes out and earns for you to provide you with food and shelter. He teaches you the lessons of living a strong life and overcome all hurdles. Just like a love is full of love, similarly, a father is but he has different ways of showing it. Normally we complain that our father is not loving us, supporting us and being sweet with us. But if a father is also like a mother then there would be an imbalance in upbringing. Then you cannot be complete and you will struggle all your life. You will become incapable of facing harsh situations and every failure that would come your way will make you collapse.
A father’s role is not to provide sperm for the birth of a new life, in fact, he gives his nature and character through his sperm. He manifests his values in the child. And when he is born although the father is not always there around him, he creates a strong relationship with him. When a father develops an emotional attachment to the child by playing with him and teaching him new games and introducing to the world. By encouraging children to take on challenges, father’s help them develop inner strength.
So, on this father’s day, it is very important to say thank you to your father’s for making you the way you are. Maybe he is not always cuddling you, laughing with you and crying with you but he was always there around you like an unsung hero. Always challenging you to get an inch closer to your dreams and providing a helping hand to you when you were falling from those stairs of success. It was he who told you about your mistakes so that you could improve. He made you confess about your weaknesses and learn from them. Yes maybe he wasn’t there for you sometimes when you were committing mistakes but the reason was never his indifference. He wanted you to make you learn from your mistakes.
We always keep complaining about the way he is but we never realize that his fatherhood is a must for our evolution as a human. Like a mother protects you from all your worries similarly a father is preparing you for the coming worries. He is someone we have always underestimated as a person. We have restricted his role to provide us with food and shelter. It’s time to give him his well-deserved respect and love.

Best Earth Day Slogans, Posters, Quotes to Raise Awareness

In this post, we are going to cover share Earth Day Slogans. You will also find Earth Day Slogans for Kids, Funny Earth Day slogans, One liner, Slogans to create awareness about Planet earth. Slogans are a great way to spread awareness. Hope you find some catchy slogans on Earth day in this post. If you liked this article share it with your friends and family.  Let us know which you liked the most.

Earth Day Slogans 2015

  • Pollution is no solution

  • We are the world

  • Save our world, save our future

  • Reduce reuse recycle

  • Save energy to save our planet

  • Earth rocks

  • Play your role

  • Conserve the earth, it is the only one we have

  • I love the earth

  • Love the earth, love life

  • Earth day – earth-shattering consequences

  • Protect our earth for future generations

  • Stats to bring you down to earth

  • Think green

  • Greening the environment

  • Be seen to be green

  • Earth day greening Go to the ends of the earth

  • Recycle the present, save the future

  • Be seen to go green

  • Keep it green

  • Green our planet – the best place on earth

  • The world is in our hands

  • Save the planet

  • Set the scene with green

  • Earthfest

  • Live Earth

  • Earth day – down to earth initiatives

  • Stand up for the earth

  • Make your green mark

  • Save our world

  • Renew the earth

  • Earth caretaker

  • Make every day earth day

  • Save our planet, save ourselves

  • Green and protect the earth

  • Help save the planet

  • Don’t panic, go organic

  • Rebirth our earth
  • Be earth wise
  • Be earth friendly
  • Eco earth
  • Earth day: join the fight, do what’s right
  • Be environmentally conscious
  • Unite and save the earth
  • Earth focus for the future
  • Coexist with nature this earth day
  • Earth day rocks
  • Love our earth, love life
  • Earth Saver
  • Save water, save life
  • Save water – every drop counts
  • Water Saver
  • Love the earth: it’s the only one we’ve got.
  • Clean Pune! Green Pune!
  • Think green, Go green, Live green.
  • Earth Day Is The World’s Birthday!
  • A Good Planet Is Hard to Find
  • One Earth, One Chance

It’s your Mother Calling don’t keep her on hold

This is a very special message that gives us the sense of urgency to protect our mother Earth. With every passing day we are making things worse and someday we will face severe consequences of it. It’s your mother calling don’t keep her on hold. Act ASAP and save the mother earth.

  • Love the Earth: It’s the only one we have got.

The next time when you throw some wrapper on the ground think about this quote. As they say, we don’t get Earth from our fathers we borrow it from our children. So, it’s our duty to give them a clean and beautiful earth they deserve.

  • Save the World, Save yourself.

Is it as simple as this. We need the Earth, Earth doesn’t need us.

Learn to Recycle and use your bicycle

I am not going to give you crap on “Benefits of using Bicycle”. You already know it. It’s time to act and do our bit to save Mother Earth.

Slogans on Earth Day to raise awareness

Nowadays we hear everyone complaining about pollution and all those bad things we have created. Well, it’s always good to act that complaining all the time about mother earth. We are the one who is responsible for pollution. So, Earth Day 2015 is great opportunity to raise awareness about Mother Earth. Of course if possible every day should be earth day. Slogans on Earth Day are one of the most effective ways to raise awareness. In this article, we are sharing some Best Earth day slogans, Slogan on Earth Day, Earth day slogans for kids. Earlier we used to organise parades and say Earth day Slogans on the road so everyone can hear. Well, with Facebook and other social media sites you can reach millions of people just by Sharing the Earth Day Slogans.

  • Save Earth or Die!!!

We all know the ultimate truth. Someday the earth will come to an end if we don’t put efforts to save it. It’s better to act in time.

  • The Earth is fine, it is the people that are in trouble!

Absolutely! We are in trouble and not the earth. We need mother earth, the earth does not need us.

  • No Dirt, this is earth.

Do your bit to clean the earth. No Dirt this is earth. Share it on Facebook or you can print few posters and paste them in your locality.

  • If you don’t have faith, replace it with Earth Day.

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6 Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Health

Many of you might have brought the new bottle of apple cider vinegar just to try it out once. Well, then you have brought home a useful thing for your health.

It has a wide range of health benefits which might be surprising to you. No more anticipation, we will take a look at those benefits now.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Before you take a flight to your imagination, let me tell you that, it is nothing complex but the vinegar made from the apples. It has a good amount of acetic acid in it along with minerals like sodium and potassium in it.

Benefit: For Diabetes

It has the properties which lower the glycemic index. It is known for reducing the blood sugar levels in the blood. Hence it is advisable for the patients with Diabetes Type 2 with high blood sugar to control their blood sugar levels.

Benefit: For Losing Weight

This vinegar is helpful in losing weight process. It has properties which can break down the fats in your body easily.

Obviously, you cannot depend whole and sole on this for losing weight. It has to be accompanied by the good amount of exercise and diet control. But this one helps you for sure.

Benefit: Immunity

Consuming apple cider every day boosts the immunity of the body against the Cold and Flu.

Benefit: Digestion And Detox

Apple cider vinegar is full of probiotic. It is very helpful in the digestion.

You must have heard the name of apple cider in the reference to skin detoxification many times. Yes, it is true. It helps in detox of your body and gets rid of those impurities. Taking apple cider every day in diet can make your skin clearer.

Benefit: Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne

Yes, It can be used very well in the treatment of acne. It can be used in the form of a toner for your skin. Thus helps in the acne breakouts because of its acetic acid content.

  • Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a jar.
  • Mix it with water to make the slightly concentrated solution of vinegar as the toner.
  • Caution: If you have very sensitive skin, then be careful with the concentration that you take. Then make it diluted as it has the risk of burning the skin.
  • Take a cotton swab. Then absorb it in the toner that you have just made.
  • Apply this to your skin after you wash your face.
  • Take a new cotton every time you use the toner.

How to use apple cider vinegar?

Now, knowing all these health benefits of apple cider vinegar, you want to include it in your diet. Then how to?  It is simple.

  • Do not drink apple cider vinegar directly. It might be very acidic for your mouth and teeth.
  • Add an only single teaspoon of this liquid to a glassful of water. Then drink it promptly.
  • Do not take this if you have a history of chronic acidity of the stomach.

You will be able to reap the benefits of this if you keep it included in your diet plan for every day. If you have any questions or any comments, Please feel free to tell us those.

If you find this useful, please share with your friends!

Health is always to be earned. Live healthily.

Turmeric Face Mask For Dry Skin, Acne (Recipe & Benefits)

Turmeric’ is a multipurpose medicine which has tremendous antibacterial properties. It is commonly known as ‘Haldi’ in India. This is the traditional medicine used from ancient Ayurveda. It can be used for from treating small wounds to the prevention of cancer.

Having known about turmeric as the Ultimate medicine from Ayurveda, There are more benefits from Turmeric that can come in handy for your needs.

Homemade Turmeric Face Mask

Are you still using some Face mask from the market which has more of chemical and preservatives than those of natural ingredients it quotes to have? Then its time to some natural skin care tips over here.

There can be different types of turmeric masks that you can prepare at home based on the type of your skin. You have to first check whether your skin is dry or oily or just normal.

Turmeric can be effective on the pimples problem and it adds Glow to your skin. It has antibacterial properties which are beneficial for many skin problems.

Natural Turmeric Face Mask For Dry Skin:

It is essential to take care of dry skin, especially in the winter.


Take a spoonful of milk cream, add honey and half spoon Turmeric powder in it.

Mix this properly and apply it to the skin. Massage onto your skin to get the ingredients enter into your skin pores. Wash it with lukewarm water. You will see the moisturized glowing skin.

Turmeric Face Mask For Oily Skin (For Acne):

Turmeric can be well used for treating acne problems. The question is how to prepare the mask to get rid of that acne? Here is the solution.

Turmeric Face Mask Recipe:

Take a bowl of sandalwood powder. Add a spoon of Turmeric power into it. (If available easily, add a spoon of neem powder into it) .Add a few drops of Rosewater into it. Turmeric will act on the bacteria in the pimples and prevents the further breakouts of pimples. Allow it to dry for few minutes (10 -15 mins). Then wash it with water. 

Sandalwood has the soothing effect on the skin and will reduce the redness. Follow this Regime for every week. You will get rid of pimples soon with bright skin.

It is advisable that you cleanse your face properly with soap-free cleanser before applying a face mask. It’s always good to take care of your skin.

Be beautiful. Be natural.

Earth Day activities for Kids , Kindergarten, Toddlers, Children 2014

Earth Day 2014 is approaching and it’s our duty to take steps to keep our planet clean and safe. Kids are especially very enthusiastic about earth day. There are various activities or projects that can create awareness among Kids, High school students about the importance of Earth Day. It’s time to appreciate the Mother Earth and respect it. In this article, we are displaying some Activities for Small Kids, Toddlers, Kindergarten children and even high school students. Let’s take steps to save our lovely Planet. A very Happy Earth Day 2014 to all the preschoolers.

Preschool Earth Day activities for Kids, Kindergarten  2014

We hope you find this article useful and you find the motivation to save our planet earth. If you have some more ideas please tell them in the comments section. Share this article with your friends and spread the awareness.

  • Plant Trees and Flowers

Plant some known trees and flowers you know. You can plant them in a backyard in the home, In school and other possible places. You can also take steps to make existing plants healthy by removing weeds etc.

  • Use Cycle for School

Say no to school Bus and other vehicles on Earth day. You can also keep special days in a week when everyone uses cycle for transport.

  • Save Electricity

Save electricity by turning off lights for few hours a day. This is easily achievable for few hours a day. You can also keep one hour light off during the evening.

  • Periodic Clean Ups

You can do periodic cleanups of School premises as well as public areas such as collecting Garbage etc. We know a group who cleans mountains every year on Earth day. The guys are certainly doing a great job and contributing to saving Earth.

  • Recycle

Recycling is the best way to deal with used products. Create creative crafts by recycling the damaged products.

  • Ask People to turn off Vehicle Engine on Traffic Signals

Most of us do not turn off engines when we stop for a traffic signal. A lot of fuel can be saved just by turning off the engine on traffic signals. You can visit traffic signals on earth day and ask people to turn off the engine and spread awareness about it.

  • Arrange a Seminar

You can arrange Seminar of an environmentalist for guiding you on how to use resources efficiently and how everyone can give to save planet earth.

Surely there are a lot of activities that can be done expect these. Let us know what you think.

10 Foods good for beautiful and healthy Skin

Do we spend so much of our money and time on worrying about our skin?

Getting cautious about your skin is a good thing because it adds to your personality and appearance…think over it..how much we spend on cosmetics?and discover no good results?

but to your plus point..eating right food can give your skin all the glow and fairness and all the results you want…

so..lets have a look at the daily diet foods that can make your skin GLOW and be BEAUTIFULLY SMOOTH..!!


           Surprised?? yes but its true…drinking plenty of water throughout the day can make your skin more beautiful.

            The scientific reason behind it is, it increases the natural hydration of the body. Toxin from the body are given out and the skin becomes hydrated and fresh.

            Ideally, we must drink about 9-10 glasses of water in a day, so that our body remains well hydrated and skin becomes clean toxin-free…

2)Low-fat dairy products, yoghurt:

             Low-fat dairy products have a pretty amount of vitamin A in it. Carotene in natural form i.e. vitamin A is not only good for your skin but also your health on a whole.

Yoghurt especially, have essential bacteria in it, which are good for our body.These improve the digestion system. And a good digestion makes the more toxins given out from a body and adding to the skin.Skin becomes more clear and pimple breakouts reduce.

3)Strawberries, Blackberries, Tomatoes:

             hmm…now something which you will love to eat is here on our list..yes..eating your favourite strawberries, blackberries ..can make your skin

more healthy and beautiful. It has the antioxidants in it. antioxidants stop the premature ageing of the skin…

so if you want to keep your skin wrinkle free for years…

tomatoes reduce many of the skin problems…add these berries and tomatoes to your regular diet..and

discover the amazing results in your skin…

4)Walnuts, Fish oil, Seafoods, Olives:

                         walnuts, fish oils, seafood have the essential fatty acids which are good for the body. Yeas..I know..you might have heard all fats are bad for

health… But there are some fats called omega fatty acids which are good for your health.

                      olives are said to have the good amount of vitamin A and omega fatty acids in it. Olives are good for health and also your skin.

It makes the skin well nourished.

5)Cereals, Whole Grain Foods:      

               We easily just crave on the readily available junk foods like bread and all..these foods are processed foods. these foods are also called as White

foods..white food is not good for the health, digestion and skin. such white foods often are the reason for the skin breakouts.

so..we must avoid white food as much as possible and substitute it with the whole grain foods. these food have selenium content in it.selenium is good for

the health and skin. 

6)Cottage Cheese:

 now the thing which you like is on our list..cheese..!!

especially, the cottage cheese has the selenium content in it. selenium is known for protecting from the danger of the skin cancer.

so..eat cheese and enjoy and stay free from skin cancer.

7)Green Tea:

                  Green tea is a very healthy beverage to drink and that you can enjoy too…

It has anti-inflammatory properties. The people who drink green tea regularly are less prone to get the skin cancer easily.

it also reduces the damage from the UV light.

8)Oranges, Grapefruits, Mangoes:

                         oranges and grapefruits are full of Vitamin C in it. vitamin C revitalizes the cells of the skin, giving it the glow and reduces the wrinkles on the skin.

   mangoes are rich in Vitamin A.it helps in repairing the skin cells.

its free radicals prevent the skin from the damage.


              almonds are full of Vitamin E. almonds are famous for the great skin complexion. Vitamin E makes the skin supple and nourishes the skin..makes it smoother.


    broccoli has not only one but many many health benefits.it is rich in Vitamin A. cells gets renewed with it. its overall good for the health and the skin …

so make sure to add these foods to your diet to get that glowing healthy skin..!!

FRESH MIND – How to fresh your mind

How to keep your mind cool?


Are you stressed out in your personal or professional life ..?

Do you feel like everything is complicated in life..? Nothing is working out according to your wish..?

Feeling like your Brain is Jammed or Clogged..?

Here you go..Now..Just Don’t think about anything ..Calmly Read this article and Follow the Ways which Suits you the best according to your situation…

And you will be in FREE STATE OF MIND ..I assure you that !!

Let us see what suits you more…

1)    Take a Break:

If you are in that same-monotonous hustle bustle since a long time ..then It is a right for you to take a break.

Yes,…I am NOT suggesting something which is out of the World for you.It is a common thing…!    But ..let me tell you..sometimes you need somebody to tell you that ..YES, You NEED a break NOW!

taking a break,

relieves from all those stressful things from your life and a Boring routine ..so ..Take that break from your office or daily chores ..and Go out for a vacation off somewhere..else go for a shopping (if you are shopaholic  ).Vacation for a day or two with your loved one or a friend will give you a Rejuvenating Effect.

2)Yoga :

Are you having any daily yoga Routine?

If No, then Don’t wait for anything..Open your Internet ..search for some POWER YOGA for you and set a yoga routine for yourself (early morning preferable ).

And most Importantly.FOLLOW THAT ROUTINE (Without Fail)!!.

It will give you a sense of Well Being and will circulate a positive vibe in your body and thus Your mind too !!

3)Get Another Job :

Do you have an irritating BOSS in your life..and keeps chasing you all the time..?

Is your workplace a hell for you..?  Does your BOSS kills yours Creativity..?

Then it’s my humble advice for you that you must think about changing your job.

get some better job ..where you have a place for creativity..and kick off that BOSS of yours !!

This is the best way..to escape the mental stress and stunted growth at your work….


4)Benefits of Green tea :

Green tea has many benefits to your body. It has surprisingly Good effects on your Mind too.

Start taking a cup of green tea every morning instead of your regular coffee/ tea.

Trust me. It will help you reduce weight and also make you feel good and keep mind fresh too..!  (note: boil a cup of water and dip the green tea into it.(without sugar and milk))

5)Breakup :


But it can be True..!  A breakup can be a solution to your worries too. If one of the reasons behind your worries and mental distress is your partner.. if you feel like your inner self is getting somewhere lost ?..then think about this option once…

I don’t suggest to go and break up because so many emotions are involved ..but if your partner is getting on your nerves and you feel like suffering then..think about this one!!

6)Exercise :

Whenever you feel like having a CLOGGED MIND..then…most Simple and Inexpensive way is to …

Go for a Jogging  Trust me ..it’s not silly..you will feel Good!

Because exercise gives you endorphins (a chemical secreted ) in the body and it makes you feel happy about yourself and a sense of goodness from within..!!

I suggest you have a routine exercise schedule for at least 20 minutes a day..go for a walk at least..for long-term benefits

7)Makeover :

Yes.. A makeover can also make you feel good about yourself..it sounds so simple…BUT IT WORKS !!

Get a good haircut ..Simple !! It helps…It will make you feel good (especially for girls).Try this one out if you wish so.



“I Hope you would have Got your Perfect Option out of these…which suits You the Best to get out of that Clogged mind situation..(try at least one of these..whichever suits you best ) 

   Try out and Tell Us !!

   Your Suggestions are always Welcome and are to us !”