Almond Oil For Skin – Benefits & How to Use Almond oil on Skin

Almonds are a tasty nut that is used by every person in their day-to-day life. Some people to take almond as a nut in their diet where some love to combine with sweet dishes or ice creams or any dessert preparation. It can be looked as a complete diet by its amazing combination of vitamins and minerals. The term almonds derived from Old French word almond, which later after few years got its new term from Latin word mandala. And with the passing of times, it finally got the name from the Greek term as almond.The almonds are the species that were grown in some regions of the Middle East and in the South Asia. From ancient days it has been widely used as edible nut or species and had been cultivated. The seed is classified under the species of the peaches but the outer hard encapsulation of the seed makes it stand differently in this species.

The fruit containing almond surrounded by different layers it has an outer hull with a hard shell over the seed which makes it popularly known as not a true nut. Almond is extracted by a process called shelling of almonds which means removing of the hard shell to get the seed. Almonds are available for sale after the process of shelled being removed but a thin layer of shell remains over the nut. But if someone wants to go for processes ready to eat nut then these shell is also removed and coated with salt. All these blanched or shelled almonds are passed through some specific treatments to avoid embryo of the seed and can be stored for long period.

History of Almond Oil

The almond was native to the Mediterranean climate so they were grown in the region of the Middle East and mostly in the eastern region of the Indus. It has its popularity in India from ancient days and popularly known as “Badam”. It had its wide-spread presence from ancient times mostly on the shores of the northern Africa, southern Europe etc and had been transported by the trades to different parts of the world. The almond was first wildly grown in Levant so it has been taken as a form of cultivation in this region. The wild variety of the fruit which was first cultivated contains the glycoside amygdalin which gets a transfer to a prussic acid due to chewing or crushing or hitting the seed by any means. Wild almonds were deadly cyanide by any mishandling can make a person fatal. So it was decided to go for a selection of the sweet variety of the seed type, from the wild bitter types of seed. But it cannot be revealed by the researchers that how the beginning process of selection was carried out and how the human being found the sweet seed? So it till remain a mystery In the history. It is suggested that the Lipsky may be the chosen wild ancestor of the present almond which came for domesticated.

In present days almonds are available in different forms in different stores such as whole, flaked or sliced or as flour. Nowadays the yield of almonds has been increased due to a rapid increase in customers interest in almond oil. Now different processed forms are available such as almond butter and milk. Now it’s not been a bounded product just for sweet or any additive to dishes it’s used as cooking oil or as a cosmetic too.

How to Use Almond Oil For Skin?

  1. It can use as a scrub.

As Almond oil is good carrier oil so it can be mixed with either salt or sugar and can be applied to face as a facial scrub. The salt or sugar used to remove dirt and dead skin cells from the face.

  1. It can use as a facial massage that can be used before going to bed. The massage of the oil helps in reducing dark circles under the eyes and removes the dead skin cells present on the face thus maintains the texture of the facial skin.
  2. It can help in reducing dark circles easily under the eyes which cannot be done easily by a plenty of expensive cosmetic products available.
  3. It can help in cleaning the skin from acne problems or any sensitive skin reaction.
  4. It is excellent facial moisturizer that can be more beneficial if used as a daily moisturizer to soften rough and dry skin.
  5. It can be used as exfoliating which helps in repairing, regenerating and revitalizing the damaged skin.
  6. It helps in removing stretch marks which are resulted due to emollient quality and tightens skin by circular massage it help proper blood circulation and reduce stretch marks.
  7. It can be used as a base oil and prevent the moisture from evaporating the skin. It is essential oil for skin that strengthens and nourishes the skin.
  8. It’s a good makeup remover that can remove the makeup easily by leaving the skin look beautiful.
  9. It works as sun cream lotions that protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

As per the study, there are different companies which manufacture different brands of almond oil for hair. They have different brand names with a variable amount of price range. Here are some of the well knows oil brands that are listed below:

Product name Company Name Price(in rupees)
Nivea Nourishing Body Milk with Almond Oil Nivea 284
Pure Almond Oil Deve Herbes 295
Wells Almond Oil Wells 1110
Khadi Sweet Almond Oil Khadi 235
Life-Flo Pure Almond Oil Life-Flo 2400


These prices suggest that these oils are available in the different price range as per required an individual can choose one. This different price range is due to the quality and quantity of the oil. If someone wants to go for good hair or skin as a repair treatment mixes it with Life-Flo Pure Almond Oil to get a beneficial result. If someone wants to go for treatment of his or her skin then can go for Wells Almond Oil which is a good moisturizer with vitamin E. If one has to go for regular almond oil then can go for oil brands of Khadi Sweet Almond Oil or Pure Almond Oil of Deve Herbes. As we know this oil is obtained from an organic product that is a seed so it’s safe, good and healthy too.

Benefits of Almond Oil For Face:

Sweet almond oil is an essential carrier oil used in aromatherapy as it doesn’t react in any skin type.

Pure almond oil can improve the complexion of the skin and keep the glow of the skin.

It acts as a moisturizer for better and deeper conditioning of the skin.

It soothes any type of skin irritation or inflammation

It helps in delaying ageing process of the skin.

It can be used to lighten the dark circles in the face.

It provides instant relieves to dry skin from itching.

It can make the skin glow with smoothing the skin.

It is the easy way to cures body rashes and chapped lips.

General Use of Almond Oil :

It can be used as a nut and can be used by sprinkling it over the fruit salads on breakfasts or over sweet desserts or ice cream-based dishes.

Almonds can be used in cookies, marzipan, cakes, nougat or can be coated with chocolate.

It can be used to prepare almond butter or almond spread as like peanut butter.

The newly developing fruit of the almond can be consumed while it’s commonly known as green almonds as the outer court is not hard enough at this stage.

Some of the well knows dishes are ready such as Chinese almond biscuits and cookies and also Italian ricciarelli are prepared from almonds.

Oil is a form of neutral and a nonpolar chemical substance which is slippery, smooth and a viscous liquid within a restricted temperature. Oil does not get mixed in with water it literally floats in water but can get easily mixed with other oils. Oils are rich in carbon and hydrogen and are highly flammable substance. In general different variety of oil that can be differentiated from chemical compounds with different structure and properties so that make their use differently. Oils can be extracted from organic or inorganic form. It can be extracted from animal products or petrochemical products. It also can be extracted from different part of plants such as seeds and flower also. There are two types of oils organic and mineral oil. Organic oils are the product from plants or animals that are prepared through natural metabolic processes. Now days these plants oil have gain popularity in the world of cosmetics because of its beneficial factors that it contain in it. These oils are so prepared that can be used to apply on hair and skin. By the application of plant oil on hair it gives a good shiny look with lustrous and prevent it from getting tangled and rough and help promote growth by providing conditioner to it. This plant oil has its presence and importance from ancient day as a good conditioner for hair. It is suggested that oil extracted from coconut, olive, Avocado are best oil as a conditioner for good shiny look.

Almond Oil as Nutritional Source

Almond oil is a good source of vitamin E so it can be used as beneficial oil in many ways. It’s a treasure of essential minerals that includes magnesium and calcium in largest concentration. Almonds are a good source of healthy fat too. Raw almond oil is tasty and can be included in salads or toasts. Basically being a complete diet and nutritious food it has its use in many cosmetic too. Now day’s theses extracted pale yellow almond oil is the main ingredient in hair oils and facial products. It a reach source of vitamin D as compared to other nutritious nut components. Almond oil can be used as good hair oil as well as a good moisturizer for better and deep conditioning of skin.

Almond Oil for Hair :

A few drops of this oil applied and gently massage on the scalp can give comfort from stress. It adds lustre to hair and makes it look shiny and healthy.

One can use this oil as a hair nourished and smooth the hair cuticle.

It can help in growing long, thick and strong hair.

Massaging of almond oil provides shine and controls hair fall.

Every woman is fascinated enough to look beautiful and wants to locks its beauty till age-long so by the application of the almond oil on body skin and face it can be made possible. Due to large consists of vitamins and minerals, it has gained some cosmetic benefits. So nowadays these sweet almond oil is widely used in beauty treatments.


As per the present studies by Food and Agriculture Organization it suggested that 2.00 million tons of almonds are produced across the globe every year. Out of which the United States contributes 0.73 million tons of almond. But it has been revel by the study that there has been 50% decrease in the rate of production of Almond in the United States only as compared to the graph of 2011 and 2013.thus this has affected the total world production by the decrease from 56% to 36% in 2013. The study did not show the reason for decrease it is considered that the demand has increased that of the production.So reaches are trying to relate the facts to overcome the situation. Overall we can say that Almond oil contains all essential vitamins and minerals for a good, health and beauty skin. It includes vitamins like A, D and E. For this above exiting and the important reason it has its importance in cosmetic products also. The oil can be said as good, simple and nourishing oil for skin and hair. And it’s the prime ingredient in the well-maintained skin and hair. One can choose any brand product to gain the benefits of the oil for face, skin of the body and hair too. If it can be probably mixed by the person with some other oil or product such as honey, sandalwood powder etc then it can be a useful face mask for glowing skin.


How to lose Weight Fast Without Exercise – 5 Best Ways

There come times in everybody’s life when you are not so happy with your body or rather its shape. Almost every year we make new year resolution to exercise. But most of us end up in either not going to the gym or not exercising, instead of sitting in the house worrying about how shall we lose those extra pounds? Right? This time let’s do something in a different way. Let’s cheat our fat with some tricks and kick off those extra pounds from your body. It is possible to lose weight without exercise or with very little exercise. Follow this article to get an idea of How to lose weight without doing exercise?

This 5 tips will help you get in Shape without Sweating

Yes, You can get rid of body fat with simple tricks without exercising. This is no joke guys. These are the proven techniques. Some minor changes in your diet can do wonders for your body. Let’s see how!

Chew Each Bite of Your Food 32 Times and get Shocking Results

Yes, Thirty-Two times. Why is it so? We will answer all your questions. It has a scientific reason behind it.

Research has shown that, while you are eating,  it takes an average of 20 mins (least) for your brain to realize that you are filling your stomach.

This will secrete the enzymes which give the sensation of fullness to your brain. It is also helpful for proper digestion. If you have any digestion problems, this will help you.

So if you can prolong the time of your meals and eat little bites of your meal for 20 minutes, you will actually end up eating lesser food that you used to. It is the tested technique.

What will happen if you chew each bit 32 times?

For eating one bite with will approximately take 20 seconds. so the overall eating time is prolonged naturally. But the gimmick is that the time is prolonged without having you eat more food.

You will end up feeling full with the half of the food you used with this technique. Trust me guys, this trick is a path Breaker.

Do try it. But make sure you pull this habit consistently with your every meal.

Drink Warm water with Honey Just after you wake up

The study has shown that drinking warm water with a spoonful of honey will make you lose weight like anything.

It is tested method used by many people across the world. It is the weight loss method given in ancient Indian Ayurveda. In addition to losing the weight, it will detoxify your body and make your skin look younger.You can also add lemon to it for the good taste.

Warm water with honey should be the first thing you put in your stomach in the morning. That’s it!

Lots of Water to drink – Minimum 3 litres in a Day

Sometimes the sensation of the empty stomach makes you eat more! Chill.. This happens with all of us. You are not the only one.

Many times, you are just thirsty and not necessarily be hungry each time you get that empty stomach feeling.

Make sure that your body is well hydrated with water. Drink at least 3 litres of water in a day.

Cinnamon helps in Losing Weight Fast

Cinnamon is a kind of spice. But it does magic when it comes to weight loss.

What you have to do is, chew a small piece of cinnamon every day after a meal or when you feel like.

This will increase your metabolism rate and you can lose weight very easily.

Eat at intervals of every 3 hours

Eating full stomach at a stretch can lead to increase in the body fat. So what do we do then?

  • Eat in small intervals of time or when you feel hungry.
  • In this eating, make sure you do not end up eating Oily or High-calorie foods.
  • Always eat a fruit or oats or protein shakes after every 3 hours.
  • This will lead to a rise in your body’s metabolism rate.
  • Avoid eating Foods having sugar.
  • If you feel like eating something sweet, then replace sugar with artificial sweeteners.

Begin the journey of your weight loss with these tricks. Making a habit really requires a lot of efforts and oneness of mind for that thing. Determine that you are going to lose weight anyhow. Use these tips and stay fit. We hope you liked our article on “How to lose weight fast without exercise”? Share this post with your friends and help them in losing their weight fast! Lose Fat and Look Fab!


Avocado Oil For Hair – Benefits, Truth, Reviews | How to Use it For Hair?

People love to get press of their look, whereas girls love to be pressed for good skin and beautiful hair. These two factors make them different from each other and mark them beautiful. So girls love to take care of her long hair with glowing skin. But the day-to-day increase rate of pollution plays a vital factor is restricting the work process of maintaining hair and skin. It has been found from a study that as compared to earlier years toxic gas contained in the atmosphere has increased rapidly which hampers the water source, soil and air. Thus this is becoming a great region of all types’ disease in human beings. It has been found that many people are having damaged skin and poor hair growth with dry and damaged hair.

Oil is a form of neutral and a nonpolar chemical substance which is slippery, smooth and a viscous liquid within a restricted temperature. Oil does not get mixed in with water it literally floats in water but can get easily mixed with other oils. Oils are rich in carbon and hydrogen and are highly flammable substance. In general different variety of oil that can be differentiated from chemical compounds with different structure and properties so that makes their use differently. Oils can be extracted from the organic or inorganic form.It can be extracted from animal products or petrochemical products. It also can be extracted from different part of plants such as seeds and flower also. There is two types of oils organic and mineral oil. Organic oils are the product from plants or animals that are prepared through natural metabolic processes. These oils contain chemicals such as lipids, proteins, alkaloids and waxes. The fatty acid is scientifically called Lipid. Some other products such as steroids and other chemicals are also found in the oils of living things. Lipids can be classified from the organism it is prepared with that of the chemical structure it contains and the solubility factor in water as compared to oils. The organic oil has the good amount of carbon and hydrogen with less amount of oxygen. We commonly use this oil for cooking in cosmetics and in religious worship.Cooking oils are either derived from animal fat and are used to make butter, lard etc whereas plant oils are derived from Avocado, olive, sunflower, maize etc.

Nowadays these plants oil have gain popularity in the world of cosmetics because of its beneficial factors that it contains in it. These oils are so ready that can be used to apply to hair and skin. By the application of plant oil on hair, it gives a good shiny look with lustrous and prevents it from getting tangled and rough and help in promoting growth by providing conditioner to it.This plant oil has its presence and importance from the ancient day as a good conditioner for hair. It is suggested that oil extracted from coconut, olive, Avocado are the best oil as a conditioner for good shiny look.

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is a form of edible oil which is ready for pressing the fruit for oil. This process was used by the Persian Americana to extract oil from avocado. This is used as food oil, and used as an ingredient to prepare dishes by cooking.It was found that it help in regenerative and help in moisturizing these properties is help it as a good lubricant and make a use full  cosmetic product.It has high ambient temperatures with high smoke point when it’s refined or unrefined. Avocado oil is natural hair oil which contains approximately 72% of monounsaturated fatty acids. This makes it better oil from most of other oils such as coconut or grape seed.  The cold pressed avocado oil using the Hass cultivar is emerald-green in colour during the extraction time because of the high levels of chlorophylls and carotenoids extracted in the oil and has grassy, butter mushroom avocado flavor. The other varieties of avocado produce oils of slightly different flavors, like the”Fuerte” which is said to have a more mushroom flavor and less avocado flavor. The avocado oil can be compared well with the olive oil as it has almost similar monounsaturated fat content profile, which helps in protecting oil from breakdown during heating. Since it is low in the acidic nature, it helps to increase the smoke point. The extra virgin avocado oil which has an emerald-green color because of avocado’s chlorophyll content, this makes it quite safe to be heated to a degree of 249 degree centigrade just like the extra virgin olive oil. Both the refined and the unrefined avocado oil can be safely use for any high heating purpose like stir-fry, baking sear, deep fry, roast, barbecue and sauté. In the culinary field, avocado oil is relatively new and is sometimes mislabeled for its smoke point. It should be noted that higher the refining of the oil, higher the smoke point.

Avocado Oil For Hair Growth – How to Use Avocado Oil For Hair? Benefits

  1. Hair gets enhance by the moisturizer present in it. These monounsaturated oils penetrate the hair strand to make it grow well.  So avocado oil has two better characteristics, it can easily reach the cortex of the hair strand as compared to other oil and has the capacity to enhance the current moisturizer. A better result can be obtained by mixing the readily available oil with homemade butter.
  2. This Skincare oil also moisturizes the scalp.  It doesn’t leave any greasy film on the skin surface like other oils.  It’s a useful option to moisturize dry scalps.
  3. Help you to refresh in any wish hairstyle which cannot be achieved by coconut oil on cold days naturally.
  4. It can shout to any type of skin and will have fewer chances of forehead acne.
  5. It’s an enhanced way of pre-poo treatment that protects the hair from getting damage due to repeated swelling and de-swelling due to the washing process by chemical and shampoos.
  6. It has high contained dietary vitamin E, which helps in boosting the skin immunity against stress and keep up the moisture level.
  7. It is a natural sunscreen which acts as a protection layer by keeping away the harmful UV rays from damaging the skin.
  8. By a regular massage of avocado oil into the scalp can help stimulate proper blood flow to hair follicles thus improve the hair growth.

As per the study, there are different companies which manufacture different brands of avocado oil for hair. They have different brand names with a variable amount of price range. Here are some of the well knows oil brands that are listed below:

Product name Company Name Price(in rupees)
Soul flower Cold pressed Avocado Soul flower 350
Pure Avocado Oil – Persea Americana Deve Herbes 295
Johnson’s Baby Avocado Hair Oil Johnson’s 110
Argan Oil for Hair The Oil Emporium 1481
Lafier Avocado Oil Lafier 1570


These prices suggest that these oils are available in the different price range as per required an individual can choose one. This different price range is due to the quality and quantity of the oil. If someone wants to go for good hair repair treatment with almond mixed with Avocado Oil can go for Argan Oil. If someone wants to go for treatment of his or her damaged and breakable hair then can go for Lafier Avocado Oil which is a good conditioner with vitamin E. If one has to go for regular avocado hair oil then can go for hair oil brands of Soul flower or Deve Herbes.As we know this oil is obtained from an organic product that is a seed so it’s safe, good and healthy too.

Though there has been no listed danger of using avocado oil on hair or skin unknowledgeable idea of use and quantity can land someone in trouble. Messing with oil can be dangerous as its slippery may contain some chemical that can react to skin it’s better to consult a doctor or a physician before using this listed branded oil.

Avocado Oil for Damaged and Dry Hairs –

In order to get some better result for damaged and dry hairs here are few tips:

  • It can be used as a bath oil, where one needs to use this oil mixed with hot water and apply to the skin to obtain soft and moisturizes skin.
  • By the regular application of bath oil can help in regeneration of skin cell removing dead cells.
  • One needs to combine some specified quantity of Castile soap, aloe-Vera, vegetable glycerin, and avocado oil use this as a shampoo on hair to make it nourished and give a glowing look to hair.
  • One can make a facial mask of avocado and avocado oil for removing excess oil and dry skin cell from the face.
  • By regular use, it helps in strengthening and moisturizing the hair strands.
  • By regular massage, it improved blood flow and help in improving blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Its nutrients reach the follicles root that stimulates new growth of healthy hair.
  • Always try to apply good cold pressed brand avocado oil on hair. To get improve appearance and texture apply it as available without heating it up or adding any extra chemical to it on the hair. Their uses help in unclogging blocked follicles and, help in proper growth. Thus it’s a good nutrition for healthy and strong hair.

Benefits of Avocado Oil for Skin –

It’s a beneficial product for the clear skin as it is rich in vitamin A that helps in removing dead skin cells.

Glutamine amino acid present in it helps in providing protection against environmental factors that may hamper the skin.

The antioxidants help in reducing wrinkles and can give a youthful glow to its regular use.

By the consumption of its help in detoxifying the body by removing toxin present in the body.

It helps in reducing triglycerides in the skin.

It helps in increasing the solubility of collagen present in the skin by its application.

It’s the cheapest and helpful conditioner for hair. It has great benefits in refreshing a style by applying any hardstyle of hair with a lot of shine to hair.

Avocado Oil is Nutritional Source as Well –

Avocado oil contains a long list of useful vitamins and minerals with that it has omega-3 fats and amino acids. This is a good reason we should prefer avocado oil over other oils for or glowing and nourished hair. This oil has all of these good nutrients that are responsible for the growth of the hair and skin. By use of this simple powerful oil, we can lower some hair problems as well as skin problems too. These weak hairs are due to poor nutrition of hair and due to excessive exposure to heat styling and chemical treatments. By applying some monounsaturated fats directly in hair or skin can help in strengthen hair strands, moisturize the hair and skin with that it help as a protective guard to fight environmental pollution. By applying natural and organic oil we can overcome some of these problems by regular use we can get well-nourished and improve skin and hair.

Having half the avocado every other day will help in reducing the cholesterol levels in the body. The avocado oil can also be used for treating skin problems and ailments like dermatitis and arthritis and the regular usage of the avocado oil can also help relieve eczema. The avocado oil is rich in vitamin A, D and E, all of which will help in maintaining a healthy skin. If the avocado is directly applied to any red, itchy or irritated area, it will help in soothing and calm the itchiness. The avocado expressed oil not only nourishes the skin, it also improves the hair growth when massaged into the scalp. The avocado fruit is very nutritious and is supposed to be good baby food. It can be directly applied to the skin by just scrapping off the pulp. The oils in the avocado lubricate and soften the skin and help prevent the appearance of the wrinkles.

4 Amazing Benefits of Lemon Juice on Face

Lemon juice! The first thing that pops into mind is sipping on that icy lemon juice drink on a summer day. That might be the same case with almost everyone here. Lemon is added to our food items on almost daily basis. Well, apart from adding sour taste and fresh flavour to our food items, it has some magical benefits for the skin. Through the course of this article, you will find amazing Lemon Juice benefits for the skin.

Lemon Juice on Face Skin

  • It is nothing but the Ascorbic acid or citric acid. 
  • It is full of vitamin C, which is good for health as well as skin.
  • can act as a natural bleaching agent for skin

There are many ways in which one can use the lemon juice for your facial skin. You have to choose which is best one for you according to skin type and its needs.

Lemon Juice as Bleach

As lemon has the natural bleaching properties, it can be very well used for lightning the tone of the skin. It can have following benefits as

  • Removes Dark spots on the skin gradually
  • Keeps the skin tone light and gives you fairer skin
  • gets rid of dead skin on your face.
  • Gets rid of blackheads

Tip:  Take two spoons of lemon juice. Add a spoon of curd into it. Apply it to your face properly. Keep it for 10 mins. Remove it with water while massaging in circular motion. You will see the results.

Lemon Juice For acne

  • It can work well on the acne and gets rid of that oily acne prone skin.
  • Act as a

Tip: As this contains the citric acid. It can act as a toner for the skin and prevents the excessive secretion of oil. Apply the diluted lemon juice on face after you wash it. Not the concentrated one. This will act as a toner for your skin and will keep it dry.Thus can prevent acne breakouts.

Lemon Juice For Clear Skin

well, you can use lemon juice as exfoliating agent for your skin along with some other natural ingredients.

Tip: Take two spoons of lemon juice. Add a spoonful of coarsely ground sugar into it.Not the fine sugar! Add a spoon of curd and honey into it. Apply it gently to your face.(Be careful if you have acne. Do not break it.) This will act like a scrub for your skin. Wash it with lots of water. You will see the glowing skin after this.

Note: It must be taken care that, when you are applying the lemon juice on the skin, you should not expose your skin to the direct sun. There is a possibility of darkening of that area. Please avoid going into the sunlight after applying lemon juice as your skin is sensitive to it.

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5 Benefits of Coconut oil on Skin

When winter rings the bells, you know it’s the time to give some extra attention towards your skin than usual.

If you take up the list of all the fruits and veggies, you will find that coconut is the most unadulterated fruit among the all. For the obvious reasons that it comes in the hard shell.

Well, coconut is famous for its health benefits than being known as a fruit.It has its health benefits from cholesterol to hair. It covers almost everything in terms of health. How can this fruit be beneficial for the skin? How can it be used for the treatment of skin diseases? We will answer all your questions.

Benefits of Coconut Oil For Skin

Coconut is usually used for the skin in its oil form. This has a particular reason behind it. This is because it is full of vitamin E. so it can be best absorbed by the skin in the form of oil.

Benefit 1: Moisturizing Effect on Skin

Coconut is a rich source of natural vitamin E. Many cosmetics in the market claim to have coconut oil in it for the moisturizing effect on your skin. But, why not to go with natural coconut oil itself! You will be sure about it.

In case you have a dry skin, apply coconut oil before going to the bed. It makes your skin soft and supple. You will get rid of flaking skin because of dryness with this one.

Benefit 2: Stops Aging of Skin

The nutrients in the coconut oil can act well in the ageing process of the skin. Carrying on the regime of applying coconut oil to your skin every night can make your skin look younger for years. Stay young forever with this trick!

Benefit 3: Good for Scalp

As I mentioned, coconut works on everything from your head to toe. If you are having problems with the dry scalp and flaking, then coconut oil comes to the rescue.

Make sure you apply warm coconut oil to your scalp once in a week. Usually, apply coconut oil to your hair a night before you wash your hair. It will make your hair smooth and silky.

Coconut Oil Skin Benefits 4: Fights Psoriasis 


Psoriasis is a skin disease which causes the patches on the skin with the inflammations. In such conditions, it is advisable to not to rely only on medications. It can be coupled with natural treatment.

According to researchers, applying coconut water to the affected regions every day can reduce the problem. Yes. It can be very beneficial in treating these skin diseases.

Benefit 5: Fights Candida ( fungal infection)


This is a kind of fungal infection which can create dark or blackish patches on the skin. It occurs mostly because of the yeast infections, generally, skin problems with these fungal infections are more common near the groin areas.

In order to get rid of this fungal infection of the skin, it is advisable to apply coconut oil on its skin to reduce those infections. We won’t recommend stopping taking antifungal medications for them. But applying coconut oil on that part can help in reducing infection.

These benefits from the natural sources like coconut oil can work wonders on your skin and related problems.

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Stay natural. Look beautiful.

How to Stop Farting? 9 Ways That Will Stop Embarrassment in Public

Farting? you have 2 types of memories associated with this word: embarrassing and Funny. Of course, when we let on rip it’s embarrassing and when one of our friend rip it’s funny. In this article, we are going to deal with the embarrassing situation. Almost everyone has gone through this situation few times in their life. Is farting our fault? No, it is not but it is easily avoidable.

When it comes to health it’s always better to deal with the situation by eliminating the root cause itself. In case of farting, you need to find the root cause of your frequent farting. There are many possible causes listed below in this article. Choose the one that is causing you embarrassment and follow the solution provided.

What is Farting/Flatulence?

In simple words, it is a gas that is released from the anus. It may be with or without noise and smell. For others, it’s funniest but the person who farts is in the extremely embarrassing situation. Now let’s understand what actually happens.

  • After eating when food enters in the stomach, the stomach breaks down food into small particles. Food then moves to small intestine which further breaks food into much smaller particles. Complete digestion takes place here.
  • Now the undigested or unbroken food particles move to the large intestine and then out of the body as solid waste. During this time certain food particles produce gas as a by-product which is known as a fart.

If we know the cause we can avoid the consequences which in this case is Flatulence. The basic reason for farting is indigestion of foods.

What causes Farting

  • There are certain foods which produce gas by acting negatively with the intestinal bacteria. The only way in which the gas gets ripped out-of-body is from the anus.
  • Lactose intolerant people are more likely to fart as the Lactose brew in the stomach which produces the gas.
  • A large number of bacteria in colon results in building up gas which ultimately leads to farting.
  • We love drinking carbonated drinks and chewing gums. Well, along with them we unknowingly swallow a large amount of air which results in gas.
  • Same thing happens with Smoking. You swallow a large amount of air which gets trapped in your stomach. Results into farting.

Why Fart Smell Bad?

You know you are about to lose some air or fart, the last thing you expect is no bad smell. In that way, nobody will know and we will nearly escape the shame. Well, this does not happen all the time. Below is the list of reasons why fart smell so bad?

  • When you fart you let out some gases. In simple words the gas that smells bad release the bad smell. Gases like nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane are odourless and hence the fart does not smell bad which contain this gases.
  • On the other side of the story, bad-smelling farts contain gases like hydrogen sulphide and Mercaptans.
  • Foods like Meat, Eggs, Cheese and cruciferous and vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage. cause bad-smelling farts.

When to consult a Doctor?

Farting is something everyone faces and there is nothing to be concerned about. However, when you face excessive farting along with some more symptoms it’s time to consult with a doctor. Below are some conditions in which you should look for professional help.

  • Frequent farting where you don’t have control.
  • In case of releasing excessive air when you fart.
  • Most of the times your fart smell bad.
  • Abdominal cramps.
  • Bloating sensation in abdomen.

How to Avoid and Control Farting/Flatulence?

Now you have an idea about why Farting occurs, why does it smell bad, what foods cause farting and most important Farting can be avoided easily.

  • Reduce Carbonated Drinks

More carbonated drinks you drink more are the chances of Farting. Carbonated drinks such as Soda, Beer, beverages make your intestine fill your intestine with more air than it should be. Overall Beer is worst Carbonated drink when it comes to avoid farting as it’s highly carbonated. Your farting will reduce greatly if you reduce intake of carbonated drinks or avoid them totally.

  • Stay Away from Sugar

It’s good to avoid sugar completely in case of excessive farting. You should at least reduce the intake of sugar. Sugar breaks down quickly in your gut and hence more gas release and ultimately more chances of Farting.

  • Reduce Starch Intake or Eat Rice for Starch requirements

All types of grains and rice are recommended to be eaten every day. In fact, in most of the Asian countries rice is consumed in almost every meal. Other starch sources such as Wheat, Potato, Noodles etc are very hard to digest and may lead to farting. Rice is the best Starch to consume as it gets digested quickly.

  • Quit Chewing gum 

It’s straightforward, the more gum you chew the more air you swallow and ultimately more chances of farting. It’s better to quit chewing gum today to address farting problem.

  • Quit Smoking

Just like Chewing gum smoking makes us swallow more air an help farting. Quit smoking to reduce farting.

  • Proper diet reduces Farting 

Proper diet with the right amount of Proteins, vitamin and other nutrients helps to reduce farting. Digestion is the key to stop farting.

  • Use Anti-bloating capsules

If for some reasons you can’t use the above methods or want a more effective way of controlling farts, use of anti-bloating capsules is highly recommended. They prevent the building of gas in the stomach.

Recommended Anti bloating Capsules: Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal

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How to Stop Bad Breath – Ways to Fight, Cure Bad Breath

Bad Breath also called halitosis is medical terms is a common problem among the people who have poor oral hygiene. The other uncommon reasons are dry mouth also called as xerostomia and gum disease. In this article, I am going to share how to fight bad breath from common problems such as poor oral hygiene and dental habits.

How to fight or stop Bad Breath

Bad breath is problematic not only for the person himself but for the people surrounding him. In most of the cases, it affects surrounding people more than ourselves. Most of the times you will come to know from others that’s you have bad breath. It’s often difficult to know if we have bad breath by ourselves.

Do you have Bad Breath?

Below are some of the ways by which you can identify if you have bad breath or not.

  • The best way is to ask some friend you can trust upon. Tell him to be honest in addressing the problem. If you have bad breath others come to know when you are talking or eating.
  • Okay, you don’t know anyone whom you can trust. here is the method to know yourself. Lick the inner part of your wrist for few seconds and allow it to dry. Once the saliva is dried, smell the licked part of the same wrist. If you find a bad or unpleasant smell you are having bad breath.
  • Seeing the dentist is the best way to know if you have bad breath issues or halitosis. The dentist is the best person who can advise you the treatment for bad breath and identify the causes.

Now that you are sure you are suffering from bad breath let’s see how to fight bad breath. Treatment for bad breath depends on the root cause.

How to Cure Bad Breath:

If you are from the United States you must have heard about breath assure or mint sure. It’s a great product that helps you breath fresh from inside out. It works from the stomach and makes your breath fresh from inside out. It’s good if you want to get rid of bad breath temporarily or just cover the bad breath. To get the permanent solution you have to work on root causes.

Maintaining good oral hygiene: Best way to fight Bad Breath: 

Not having good oral hygiene is the major reason for bad breath. Not having good oral health allows bacteria stay for longer times in mouth resulting in unpleasant smells. The food particles we eat stays in the mouth, between teeth, below tongue for longer durations cause bad breathing problems. Brushing teeth properly alone helps to reduce most of the bad breath.

Teeth brushing: 

Remember the childhood times when we used to brush the teeth twice. As we grow older we tend to brush the teeth only once in the morning. Anyways, read few guidelines below for propelling teeth brushing to treat bad breath.


  • Brush teeth at least twice a day. Once in the morning and when going to bed at the night. Do not eat anything after brushing when going to bed.
  • It’s better to have powered breathe instead of manual brushes.
  • Brush for at least 2.30 minutes and cover all parts of the teeth.
  • Brush with a small head is preferred as it helps to access most parts when big brush won’t reach.
  • Don’t brush immediately after eating. Wait for at least one hour after eating.
  • Check if the toothpaste has fluoride.
  • Brush must be soft. Change the brush 3 months.

Note: after brushing your teeth take some salt on your fingertip and clean the teeth with your finger. It helps to remove the plaque from teeth. It costs a matter of seconds but helps immensely.

Cleaning Between Teeth: 

There are some places in the mouth where the toothbrush can’t reach.clean between your teeth at least once a day. Dental floss is the best way to clean your teeth. Ask your dentist how to do a dental floss.

Stop Bad Breath of Stomach:

Sugar: it’s really bad for oral hygiene 

Sugar and other sugar products are the main reasons for bacteria to live and eventually decaying your tooth. Avoid sugary foods, at least brush your teeth after eating such foods. Once again, brush your teeth at least after an hour of eating.

Some general guidelines that help fight bad breath  problems: 

  • Try to reduce drinking fizzy drinks and fruits.
  • If you drink something acidic don’t hold it in the mouth for a longer duration.
  • Drink lots and lots of water.
  • Smoking and tobacco chewing habits mostly end up causing gum diseases. Avoid and if possible stop the habit of smoking.
  • Regular dental check-ups are the best way to ensure your oral hygiene.

Tongue cleaning: 

Tongue cleaning is an important part of oral hygiene. Clean back of your tongue at least once a day. You can do it by tooth-brush but tongue cleaners are most effective. Buy a tongue cleaner from the store and use it twice a day.

Mouth Wash: 

There are several types of mouthwash

liquids available in the market. Choose one of them and wash your mouth at least once a day. They fight bacteria thus ensuring good oral hygiene.

Cover Bad Breath with Breath Assure(Mint Asure): 

Breath assures now known as mint assure is the star product that helps fight bad breath. We have a full article dedicated to this product, you can read it here. 

Chewing gums: 

All of us have a habit of chewing gums after having a meal. Chewing gums keeps mouth fresh by increasing the saliva. It helps cover bad breath for short times.

We have covered most of the methods which can help you fight bad breath. If you know something new share it with our users.

10 Foods good for beautiful and healthy Skin

Do we spend so much of our money and time on worrying about our skin?

Getting cautious about your skin is a good thing because it adds to your personality and appearance…think over much we spend on cosmetics?and discover no good results?

but to your plus point..eating right food can give your skin all the glow and fairness and all the results you want…

so..lets have a look at the daily diet foods that can make your skin GLOW and be BEAUTIFULLY SMOOTH..!!


           Surprised?? yes but its true…drinking plenty of water throughout the day can make your skin more beautiful.

            The scientific reason behind it is, it increases the natural hydration of the body. Toxin from the body are given out and the skin becomes hydrated and fresh.

            Ideally, we must drink about 9-10 glasses of water in a day, so that our body remains well hydrated and skin becomes clean toxin-free…

2)Low-fat dairy products, yoghurt:

             Low-fat dairy products have a pretty amount of vitamin A in it. Carotene in natural form i.e. vitamin A is not only good for your skin but also your health on a whole.

Yoghurt especially, have essential bacteria in it, which are good for our body.These improve the digestion system. And a good digestion makes the more toxins given out from a body and adding to the skin.Skin becomes more clear and pimple breakouts reduce.

3)Strawberries, Blackberries, Tomatoes:

             hmm…now something which you will love to eat is here on our list..yes..eating your favourite strawberries, blackberries ..can make your skin

more healthy and beautiful. It has the antioxidants in it. antioxidants stop the premature ageing of the skin…

so if you want to keep your skin wrinkle free for years…

tomatoes reduce many of the skin problems…add these berries and tomatoes to your regular diet..and

discover the amazing results in your skin…

4)Walnuts, Fish oil, Seafoods, Olives:

                         walnuts, fish oils, seafood have the essential fatty acids which are good for the body. Yeas..I might have heard all fats are bad for

health… But there are some fats called omega fatty acids which are good for your health.

                      olives are said to have the good amount of vitamin A and omega fatty acids in it. Olives are good for health and also your skin.

It makes the skin well nourished.

5)Cereals, Whole Grain Foods:      

               We easily just crave on the readily available junk foods like bread and all..these foods are processed foods. these foods are also called as White

foods..white food is not good for the health, digestion and skin. such white foods often are the reason for the skin breakouts.

so..we must avoid white food as much as possible and substitute it with the whole grain foods. these food have selenium content in it.selenium is good for

the health and skin. 

6)Cottage Cheese:

 now the thing which you like is on our list..cheese..!!

especially, the cottage cheese has the selenium content in it. selenium is known for protecting from the danger of the skin cancer. cheese and enjoy and stay free from skin cancer.

7)Green Tea:

                  Green tea is a very healthy beverage to drink and that you can enjoy too…

It has anti-inflammatory properties. The people who drink green tea regularly are less prone to get the skin cancer easily.

it also reduces the damage from the UV light.

8)Oranges, Grapefruits, Mangoes:

                         oranges and grapefruits are full of Vitamin C in it. vitamin C revitalizes the cells of the skin, giving it the glow and reduces the wrinkles on the skin.

   mangoes are rich in Vitamin helps in repairing the skin cells.

its free radicals prevent the skin from the damage.


              almonds are full of Vitamin E. almonds are famous for the great skin complexion. Vitamin E makes the skin supple and nourishes the skin..makes it smoother.


    broccoli has not only one but many many health is rich in Vitamin A. cells gets renewed with it. its overall good for the health and the skin …

so make sure to add these foods to your diet to get that glowing healthy skin..!!

how to get rid of pimples or acne? -easy tips for you

Mostly youngsters ..especially teenagers are distressed with the problem of pimples on skin or acne…

are you going through the same?   so here’s an article for you..which will tell you how to get rid of pimples and avoid the pimple breakouts!

 In order to avoid the pimples, we must first know the main basic reasons behind the pimple here are the basic reasons…

Reasons for pimples/ acne:

1) Hormonal changes:

  The hormonal changes which take place during puberty(when a person grows from childhood to adolescence) in the teenagers are the main reason behind pimples. It is the natural process in teenagers nothing to worry about. Excess Oil is secreted from the skin in this period

2)Not proper caring of skin:

      not caring for the skin also can make the pimples to breakout. A layer of oil and dirt gets accumulated over the skin. If there is an attack of germs then pimples can form.

acne is nothing but the more or less severe form of just pimples. The main reason is the oiliness in the skin which is excessive and bacterial infection occurs easily in such situation. So..oily skin is a base for a pimple growing bacteria. Now to avoid it ..we must first try to keep skin oil free.

Now, we know the reasons for it…

Tips for getting rid of pimples :

1) WASH YOUR FACE  with water and some good soap free face-wash for three times in a daytime. After washing your face ..make sure you apply astringent to it or Benzoyl peroxide lotion so that your skin will stay oil-free for a long time. Oil is mainly present on chin, nose and forehead area of the face. So No doubt its the usual site for the pimples.

  While washing the face..wash with a circular motion of the hand around your chin, forehead and area near the nose.

2)KEEP  A  CHECK  ON  WHAT  YOU EAT! Avoid eating junk foods, too spicy food, oily food, or white foods like bread etc, because this food causes the problems in the digestion system and in turn cause these skin problems.

Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day. That will keep your skin well hydrated and can contribute to avoiding these problems.

3)DON’T TOUCH the will be often tempted to touch the pimples but don’t do so. And DON’T SQUEEZE them that can only aggravate the pimples and spread more pimples on your skin nearby to it.It can cause dark spots marks.

4)EAT HEALTHY FOODS which are full of vitamins and fibres. Eat more veggies like broccoli, cabbage, spinach, and veggies rich in vitamin C.

5)Don’t OIL YOUR HAIR TOO MUCH ..too often.Wash your hair regularly, if you have dandruff in hair. hair laden with oil come in contact with your skin ..say while sleeping can cause the new pimple breakouts especially on your forehead.

 so wash your hair daily with some good shampoo, don’t oil your hair too much and tie your hair while sleeping if possible.

6)STAY AWAY FROM STRESS as much as possible. Because it can only aggravate the acne problem. Avoid late night parties with improper sleep. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Avoid stress and tension from the exams or work. Just try to stay happy…That helps in keeping your skin glowing without any ailments.

7)REMOVE MAKE-UP while sleeping at the night. we come back from parties very late at night and most all of us directly go to the bed and forget to clean the makeup on the face. That can cause pimples. so Don’t Forget to clean your face with some cleansing lotion even you are back from tiring late-night party.

8) Keep a healthy lifestyle. Avoid to  Eat the foods which can lead to constipation problem .stay healthy.

9)Apply the face pack of Multani mitti every week. Try to use more natural products for your skin.

Last but not the least..keep yourself happy and fit ..your pimples and all the skin problems will automatically go !!

hope this article was useful for you!