10 Cruel Invaders in Indian History

For past 1000 years, India has been invaded by many foreign rulers for India’s wealth and hatred towards Hindus. The historians throughout the world have ignored the mass killings of Hindus and loot of India’s wealth by invaders.


Below is the list of 10 cruellest invaders in Indian History,

  1. Muhammad Ghaznavi (November 971 – 30 April 1030):

Mahmud of Ghazni was the Persian invader from the Ghaznavid Empire. He invaded and looted North East part of India 17 times. His first invasion of India came in the year 1001. In the year Ghazni looted and plundered the Somnath temple. He broke the sacred Shivlinga there and took away booty of 2million dinars. Somnath is one of the 12 jyotirlingas.

2  Muhammad Ghori (1149 – March 15, 1206):

Also known as Muhammad of Ghor, was Sultan of the Ghurid Empire. Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Ghori in the first battle of Tarain in 1191. Ghori begged for his life and Prithviraj Chauhan allowed him to go back. In 1192 Ghori came back again and in second battle of Tarain, he tried to win the battle by unlawful means. Knowing that the Rajputs don’t fight after sunset, he attacked Rajput camp in the night. Prithviraj Chauhan was captured and taken to Ghor. There he was tortured to death. His braveness is described in the Prithviraj Raso.

3 Alauddin Khilji (1296 – 1316):

He was the ruler of the Khalji dynasty of Delhi Sultanate. Kazi Mughisuddin of Bayánah advised Allauddin to convert Hindus, enslave or kill them as part of the religious war ‘ghazwa I Hind’ mentioned in religious books. He was brought up by his uncle Sultan Jalaluddin, the founder of  Khalji dynasty. He successfully suppressed the revolt by the governor of Kara Malik Chajju.

But afterwards, he himself conspired to dethrone Jalaluddin. To fund this he looted the wealth of Yadava Kingdom and attacked Devgiri. Unaware of the alaluddins plans Sultan Jalaluddin hoped that the loot will be presented to him. Alauddin apologized for not presenting the wealth to sultan and sent an invitation to meet him at Kara. There Alauddin killed Jalaluddin after pretending to greet the Sultan.

4 Feroz Shah Tughlaq (1309 – 20 September 1388):

Sultan Firuz Shah Tughlaq was from Tughlaq Dynasty and  ruled over the Delhi Sultanate. He doesn’t have any respect for other religions and destroyed many Hindu temples. Tughlaq’s administration has been described as the one of the of most corrupt in medieval India.

5 Sikandar Butshikan (1389–1413 CE)

Sikandar Shah Miri known as Sikandar Butshikan (“Sikandar the Iconoclast”), was the sixth sultan of the Shah Miri dynasty of Kashmir.  Sikandar was called but-shikan or idol-breaker because He destroyed many Hindu Temples. He is known as “Butcher Of Kashmir”. He ruthlessly converted the Hindus of Kashmir to Islam.

6 Akbar (15 October 1542 – 1605):

He was the third Mughal emperor and grandson of Babar. When Emperor Hemu lost the battle with Akbar, he was brutally killed by Akbar. He was lustful towards women and he built pyramids of heads of the soldiers killed in the battle.

7 Aurangzeb (3 November 1618 – 3 March 1707):

Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad known as Aurangzeb sixth and the last  Mughal emperor. he hated other religions, destroyed Hindu Temples. He responsible for the conversion of Hindus to Islam and mass killings of Hindus.  Aurangzeb killed his brother  Dara Shikoh because Dara Shikoh’ had respected other religions especially Hinduism. The Maratha Emperor Chatrapati Sambhaji was captured and tortured before killing by Aurangzeb. He executed Sikh leader Guru Tegh Bahadur on accounts of Blasphemy.

8 Ahmad Shah Abdali (c. 1722 – 16 October 1772):

Ahmad Shah Durrani also was known as Ahmad Khan Abdali was the founder of the Durrani Empire. He started his career as a soldier in the military of the Afsharid kingdom. He massacred Hindus and Shia Muslims. Ahmad Shah accompanied Nadir Shah in 1739 when he invaded India and was aware of the political situation in India. The Third Battle of Panipat was fought between Durrani’s Afghan forces and the Maratha army led by Sadashivrao Bhau and  Vishwasrao in January 1761. The device  Maratha army was the reason behind the defeat at Panipat. After the battle Abdali’s army killed many and taken women, children as slaves to Afganistan.

9 Nadir shah (August 1688 – 19 June 1747):

Nader Shah was Iranian ruler and Sha of Persia. Nadir Shah Invaded India in 1739 and in one day 20000 to 30000 Indians were killed by Nadir Shah’s forces. In this invasion, he looted vast treasure and  Koh-i-Noor and Darya-ye Noor diamonds. It is said that the amount of treasure seized from India was so much that Nader stopped taxation in Iran for a period of three years following his return.

10 Tipu Sultan (20 November 1750 – 4 May 1799):

Tipu Sultan also known as the Tiger of Mysore was a ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore. In second Anglo Mysore war in Tanjore, Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan are believed to have kidnapped 12000 children, destroyed the civilian properties. He was intolerant towards other religions.


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